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Leave of Absence Policy

Leave of Absence

Students who wish to pause their studies and resume them at a future date should apply for a leave of absence.  A leave of absence must be for at least a semester and may be granted for up to two years.  To apply for a leave of absence, the student must fill out the Leave of Absence Form

If a student is suspended from the university for any reason, the suspension supersedes the Leave of Absence, even if the Leave of Absence has already been requested and processed.

Before applying for a leave of absence, please note that:

While on a leave of absence, a student will not have access to Bentley’s residence halls, events, or activities.  If the student has received a Title IV loan, and the leave lasts more than 120 days, the loan will go into repayment at the end of its grace period.

Withdrawal/Transfer from the University

If a student decides to leave the university permanently, the student should fill out the Withdrawal/Transfer Form.  Once the withdrawal/transfer process is complete, the individual is no longer considered a Bentley student.  Should an individual(s) change their mind after the withdrawal/transfer process is complete, the former student must reapply to Bentley through the Office of Admission.  Students must also settle all payments due to the university with Student Financial Services.

For more details about the leave of absence and withdrawal/transfer processes, please see the Student Handbook.  For any questions, please email