Minor in Sports Business Management

The Minor in Sports Business Management complements a student’s major with courses that develop the ability to work in all variety of sports-related businesses. Sports businesses and related job opportunities are growing rapidly and this minor and course offerings are expanding every semester.

Required Courses
Select three of the following business courses:9
The Economics of Sports
Sports Public Relations
Sports and Entertainment Law
Media Law
Sports Marketing
Sports-Related Internship (with approval of coordinator)
Sports-Related Special Topics Courses (with approval of coordinator)
Select one of the following Arts and Sciences courses:3
History of American Sports
Sports Physics
Sports Psychology
Sociology of Sports

Policies Related to Minors

  • Some major/minor combinations are prohibited. See the major/minor exclusions list for more information.
  • Courses taken to fulfill a minor can be applied as business-related electives, arts and sciences electives, unrestricted electives, the humanities/social science elective or the mathematics/natural sciences elective.
  • The electives guide defines all classes as either arts and sciences or business. Students are strongly encouraged to maintain an awareness of where courses taken for a minor apply to their degree requirements.
  • Courses fulfilling General Education requirements (except the humanities/social science elective and the math/natural science elective) may not be applied to a minor.
  • Courses used to fulfill the modern language requirement for BA students cannot be applied to a minor.
  • Courses fulfilling Business Core requirements may not be applied to a minor (except for the Business Studies Minor).  
  • A course taken under the Pass/Fail/D policy may be applied to the minor.
  • Major courses (including courses applied to the Liberal Studies Major or Business Studies Major) may not be applied to a minor.
  • Students may apply only one course (from sources such as transfer, IB or AP) not taken at Bentley or as part of a Bentley-approved study abroad program to the minor.
  • Students may only complete a maximum of two minors.
  • Students must achieve a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in the minor.