English Language Learning Resources

Bentley University graduate students who are English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) can receive English-language support for their academic coursework through two learning resources: the ESOL Center and Mary Wright, Senior Lecturer in English and Media Studies and Coordinator of Graduate Tutorials.

One-On-One Tutorial Help Includes:

  • Writing: Students can bring course papers at any stage of the writing process for feedback on clarity, organization, and development.
  • Grammar: Individualized grammar lessons can help students to correct and better monitor patterns of error.
  • Presentation Skills: Students can practice presentations with or without PowerPoint slides and receive feedback on their performances. 
  • Pronunciation: Students can polish their English-speaking skills based on feedback and suggested strategies for increasing the clarity, stress and intonation of their pronunciation.  Additionally, they can receive lessons for strengthening vowels and consonants that are often challenging given their language backgrounds. 
  • Speaking and Conversation Practice: Students can practice speaking about academic issues and current events such as those covered in The Wall Street Journal or The New York Times.  The Graduate School also offers the Conversation Partners Program, where students are matched with an American for further one-on-one conversations.

ESOL Center

In the ESOL Center, faculty tutors who specialize in working with multilingual learners provide English-language support for academic coursework and writing at all stages from brainstorming through the final drafting process. Additionally, students can receive help related to research, source citations, individual and group oral presentation practice, Power Point slides, pronunciation, and conversation enrichment for building vocabulary and fluency.

Appointments:  Weekday and evening appointments are available.  Students can schedule appointments up to two weeks in advance through https://bentleyesol.mywconline.net.

For further information about the ESOL Center, please call 781-891-2021 or contact Pam Carpenter at pcarpenter@bentley.edu

Location: Bentley Library, Lower Level, Room 026

Graduate Tutorial Services with Mary Wright

English-language support is also available through instructor Mary Wright’s tutorial services. Graduates can get help with academic writing for their courses, targeted grammar reviews, presentation skills, executive-level vocabulary development, pronunciation, and conversation practice related to academic topics and skills for actively participating in class discussions. 

Appointments:  Weekday times are available through https://bentleyesol.mywconline.net/ /Mary Wright's Tutorials. For any questions regarding appointments, students can contact Mary Wright at mwright@bentley.edu.

Location:  Adamian Bld., Room 095.