2019-2020 Catalogue

Admission to Bentley University

Application Communication

The Office of Undergraduate Admission communicates with prospective students via email regarding applications, special events and campus updates, using the email address provided on the application. It is essential to check this email account regularly.

Once an application to Bentley has been received and processed, the applicant receives a Bentley ID number. This provides students with access to their BentleyConnect account (https://applicant.bentley.edu) and the ability to monitor the Office of Undergraduate Admission’s receipt of credentials, as they are recorded electronically. Please understand that it may take up to 10 business days for credentials to be received, processed and recorded to each account. It is students’ responsibility to regularly check their email and MyBentley account, as the office will communicate through these means.

First-Year Admission

The Admission Committee evaluates each applicant’s potential for success as demonstrated by academic performance and rigor of curriculum, standardized test scores, extracurricular involvement, recommendations and essay. First-Year applicants should send the following to the Office of Undergraduate Admission:

  1. A completed Common Application and non-refundable application fee of $75.00. 
  2. Official secondary school transcript (mark sheets and/or national exam results if applicable), including grades available at the time of application or an official GED score report. International students are expected to submit documents with a signature and stamp or seal from their institution and English translations where necessary. Photocopies or facsimiles are not accepted;
  3. Two letters of recommendation: one from a teacher and one from a guidance/college counselor;
  4. Official results of the SAT Test or the American College Test (ACT). Test scores must be officially reported to Bentley University from the test center or from the secondary school guidance/college counseling office. Bentley superscores both SAT and ACT to most favorably reflect the student’s candidacy. While SAT-II test scores are not required, the committee recommends having the scores sent if a test has been taken;
  5. Non-native speakers of English must also submit official results of the International Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) examination or the International English Language Testing System Examination (IELTS). The preferred minimum TOEFL iBT exam result is a score of 90, with a minimum score of a 20 in each subcategory. The paper-based exam result minimum score is 577, with a score of 57 in each subcategory. The preferred minimum IELTS exam result score is 7, with a score of 7 in each subcategory.

Application materials should be submitted electronically or can be mailed directly to:
Office of Undergraduate Admission
Bentley University
175 Forest Street
Waltham, MA 02452-4705

High School/Secondary School Preparation

Students are encouraged to challenge themselves by electing a competitive college preparatory program. Bentley recommends the following as the minimum appropriate secondary school preparation:

  • Four units in English
  • Four units in mathematics (pre-calculus is highly recommended)
  • Three units in history/social science
  • Three units in laboratory science
  • Three units in a foreign language, preferably with three years proficiency in one particular language

Additional Information for International Students

If you are admitted to Bentley and elect to enroll, you must submit the Sponsor Support Form for an I-20 to be issued. If you prefer, you may complete the top portion of this form (Applicant Statement) and attach a signed letter from a parent or sponsor indicating their willingness to pay educational expenses .You must also submit the Certificate of Financial Resources  for an I-20 to be issued. If you do not complete this form, you must submit one of the following:

  • A bank letter from your parent or sponsor’s bank, signed by a bank official, verifying the availability of funds
  • A bank statement in your parent or sponsor’s name, verifying the availability of funds 

Admitted international students in need of a student visa must submit the non-refundable enrollment deposit before an I-20 document can be issued. All international students are required to purchase the student health insurance plan offered through Bentley. The only exception to this policy is for students who are already enrolled in a health insurance plan through a United States–based insurance company. In such cases, students must contact the Office of Student Financial Services at 781.891.2162 to provide proof of enrollment before the student health insurance plan offered through Bentley is waived.

Note: International students must provide detailed contact information on the application form, including mailing address, international telephone number, mobile number, email address and, where available, a fax number, to help expedite application processing.

All documents should be submitted as early as possible to ensure that the Office of Undergraduate Admission receives all materials by the application deadline date.

Application Programs and Deadlines

Early Decision (Admission and Financial Assistance)

For more information about the application process with deadlines visit bentley.edu/undergraduate/applying.
For specific transfer application deadline dates and information, visit bentley.edu/undergraduate/applying/transfer-applicants.

Advanced Standing Credit Policies

Bentley students may accelerate their individual program with advanced standing credit, which may be earned through several means.  A maximum of 30 credits is allowed for first-year students.

The Office of Undergraduate Admission reserves the right to adjust its advanced credit standing policies at any time. Official copies of exam results and certificates with supporting translations are required to determine advanced standing credits. Additional information may be required; see bentley.edu/undergraduate/applying/freshman-applicants/advanced-standing-credit.

Visiting Bentley

Campus visits are among the best ways to explore the colleges you are considering. Every year, several thousand prospective families visit Bentley for opportunities that include interviews, information sessions, tours, Major Specific Information Sessions and Open House. The Office of Undergraduate Admission is open Monday through Friday during the academic year and limited Saturday options in the fall. In the summer, the office is open but there are no formal visit options. Reservations are highly recommended as space for some offerings may be limited. Call the Office of Undergraduate Admission at 781.891.2244 or go to bentley.edu/undergraduate/visiting to review options and arrange a visit.


An admission interview, although not required, is encouraged by the Office of Undergraduate Admission for students applying to Bentley. It is a prime opportunity for students to learn more about Bentley on an individual basis. An interview also allows admission officers to learn more about students’ interests and goals. Information shared in the interview is taken into consideration by the Admission Committee.  If you are unable to visit campus virtual interviews are available.


A walking tour with a Bentley student takes visiting students and families around campus, into academic buildings and the heart of student life. Highlights include high-tech facilities such as the world-class financial Trading Room, the Student Center, athletic facilities and a residence hall.

Information Sessions

Information sessions provide an overview of Bentley. Topics include academics, hands-on learning, student life and the admission process. The agenda also includes a guided tour of campus led by a current student.

Open House

Attending Open House allows prospective students to meet many members of the campus community during a special daylong program of tours, individual exploration, presentations and discussion forums. The agenda includes talks with professors about various academic majors, chats with students about how to join a club or organization, consultation with staff members about internship possibilities and career options, and much more. Each year, we hold an Open house in the fall for high school seniors and their families.

For program and scheduling details on information sessions, interviews and similar opportunities, see bentley.edu/undergraduate/visiting.