2020-2021 Catalogue

Language, Culture, and Business Major

Our Language, Culture, and Business (LCB) major is designed to prepare students to use their language and culture skills and knowledge in their professional careers. Unlike traditional language and culture majors offered at many colleges and universities, Bentley’s LCB major focuses less on literature and linguistics and more on practical applications of the language and the study of world cultures—including the culture of business in other parts of the world. Our curriculum includes advanced grammar courses in composition and conversation, translation courses, Language for Business courses, as well as classes on film, literature, and other forms of cultural production. The major is designed for students of languages of all levels, according to the specialization chosen.  

The Language, Culture, and Business major consists of eight courses (24 credits), two of which will be from a business discipline. All students must also complete an applied learning experience, which may include a study abroad program or an internship—either at home or abroad. In addition, the major requires that students complete a Business Studies major or minor.

Course Title Credits
Required Courses24
Two of the following:6
International Accounting 1
International Economics
International Economic Growth and Development
Modern Economic Systems
Economics of the European Union
International Finance 2
International Project Finance 3
Strategies in International Corporation Communication
Effective Business Presentations: Crisis Communication
Digital Public Relations
Crisis Communication Management
International Business Law
Managing Diversity in the Workplace
Management of International Operations
Managing in the Global Business Environment
International Management Behavior
International Marketing
One faculty led study abroad business course
In addition, Language, Culture and Business majors must take at least six courses within their concentration:18

Concentration in Chinese

Course Title Credits
Required Courses18
MLCH 102Elementary Chinese II 43
MLCH 105Chinese Basic Course: A Practical Approach3
MLCH 201Intermediate Chinese I3
or MLCH 207 Learn Chinese through Learning Chinese Music
MLCH 202Intermediate Chinese II3
MLCH 204Chinese for Business — Exploring Real Companies3
or MLCH 208 Chinese for Business II -- Exploring Real Companies
One of the following:3
Another MLCH 300-Level or Higher
Internship in Modern Language
Internship in Modern Language

Concentration in Italian

Course Title Credits
Required Courses18
MLIT 201Intermediate Italian I 43
MLIT 202Intermediate Italian II 43
MLIT 304Italian for Cinema3
MLIT 402Seminar in Italian3
One of the following:3
Directed Study in Italian
Internship in Modern Language
Internship in Modern Language

Concentration in French

Course Title Credits
Required Courses18
MLFR 201Intermediate French I 43
MLFR 202Intermediate French II 43
MLFR 206Spoken Contemporary French
MLFR 301Contemporary Francophone Cultures3
MLFR 302French for Business3
One of the following:3
Another MLFR 300-Level or Higher
ML 420Internship in Modern Language0
Internship in Modern Language

Concentration in Spanish

Course Title Credits
Required Courses18
MLSP 201Intermediate Spanish I 43
MLSP 202Intermediate Spanish II 43
or MLSP 205 Intermediate Spanish Language Immersion
MLSP 203Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition3
or MLSP 206 Advanced Spanish Conversation
MLSP 302Spanish for Business3
MLSP 312Spanish for Business II: A Practical Approach3
Another MLSP 300-Level or Higher3