Graduate Student Career Services

Graduate Career Services

Graduate Career Services (GCS) takes pride in providing innovative, personalized service and works closely with students to help them make informed decisions about choosing, changing or advancing their career. The GCS Team provides the highest-caliber resources, programs and advising delivered one-on-one, in group workshops and online. We strive to engage students in the career preparation process by supporting their individuality and teaching the skills and strategies to help them achieve their short- and long-term career goals. Additionally, as members of the Bentley community, students will have the opportunity to expand and foster strategic relationships with a global alumni network and employers who highly value Bentley talent. The office’s work with students does not end at graduation; as Bentley alumni, students are entitled to lifetime career services.

GCS supports students’ career development from their first day on campus with an evolving array of offerings, which include: self-assessment tools; a Graduate Career Development Intensive Seminar series (GCDI 501), which provides students with the cutting-edge skills necessary to establish a professional presence in person, online and in writing as a foundation for sustainable career success; and BentleyLink, the web-based campus recruiting program that enables students to apply for jobs and internships and interview with recruiters who come to campus. In addition to two all-school career fairs (fall and spring), GCS hosts targeted recruiting and networking events throughout the academic year designed specifically for graduate students across all programs.

Location: LaCava 220

Graduate Career Development Intensive Seminar Series (GCDI 501)

This six-session series provides Bentley graduate students with the cutting-edge skills necessary to establish a professional presence in person, online, and in writing. A vibrant professional presence provides a competitive edge in today’s economic environment; it also establishes the foundation for sustainable career success in the future. Sessions are conducted in person, in the classroom once a week for 75 minutes. The sessions are offered at times that complement students’ class schedules. Topics include: strengths and goal assessment; résumé and cover letter writing; elevator pitch development; networking and informational interviewing; utilizing social media for the job search; 21st century job search techniques; and leveraging BentleyLink as well as a host of other online global job search tools.

Internship Program

Internships enable graduate students to integrate conceptual knowledge with practical field-based experience. Interns may receive academic credit, though non-credit internships are available as well. Career Services staff and faculty collaborate to develop these opportunities, which often serve as a springboard to full-time employment at a company.

Campus Recruiting by Employers

Local, national and international employers, representing a variety of business, industry, government and nonprofit organizations, recruit at Bentley on a regular basis. In addition, two career fairs attract more than 100 companies to Bentley in the fall and spring. Graduate Career Services also hosts special events, such as Executive Exchange; S.T.A.R. (Spring Talent Acquisition Roundtables) -- a career fair specifically for graduate students; and targeted Career Communities to connect students with a broad range of employers and industry experts.

Online Job Postings

With a BentleyLink password, students can electronically access jobs and internships. Companies can post jobs specifically targeted to Bentley Graduate School students. With a password students can electronically access current listings, 24 hours a day. Each year, more than 400 local, regional and national companies visit the campus to conduct initial interviews with students who are seeking professional positions or internships. Students also have access to GoinGlobal and EFMD, both of which are global job boards that expose students to opportunities around the world.

Powerful Network of Alumni

Bentley alumni and fellow graduate students can be valuable resources for connecting with potential employers. LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site mainly used for professional networking and is the best place to connect with fellow Bentley students as well as alumni for career-related knowledge, information, referrals and advice across industries and geographic locations worldwide. As soon as you become a matriculating student, using your Bentley email you can request admission to the Bentley Community on LinkedIn

Client Services

Graduate students at Bentley complete their degree with a competitive advantage in the job market resulting from exposure to, and hands-on experience with, seven high-tech learning labs and many online resources and research databases. Wireless computing on campus makes it easy for students to work independently, or within a group, from anywhere on campus, and computing support is offered seven days a week.