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Computing at Bentley

 While attending Bentley, it is essential that students have a laptop computer to complete academic work. 

While Client Services at Bentley recognizes that students prefer a certain type of laptop, Bentley recommends that students use a Windows laptop as that aligns best with the software requirements for the curriculum.  Bentley has partnered with Micros Northeast to offer business-class Lenovo laptops that meet the demands of the Bentley curriculum at educational pricing. Recommended configurations include a 4-year hardware warranty, accidental damage protection and access to a loaner laptop should your laptop need repair.  Please visit the Bentley Computer Purchase Program site to view available purchase options.  

Please review Bentley’s recommended computer configurations which represent the power, speed and storage necessary to meet your academic needs. Macs, iPads, Chromebooks and some Microsoft Surface products cannot accommodate all software and screen size requirements for your courses and are not recommended. Utilizing these products will put you at a disadvantage in completing your academic coursework. 

While it is strongly not recommended, if a student chooses to use a Mac, Bentley cannot guarantee compatibility with Windows-only applications for certain courses. These courses include, but are not limited to CS 100, IPM 300, and other Accounting (AC), Computer Information Systems (CS), Information Process Management (IPM) and Finance (FI) courses. Students with Macs will need to purchase and install software to use Windows-only applications to complete course requirements. Installing virtualization software is time consuming and requires advanced technical knowledge to install on a Mac. 

Through a partnership with Micros Northeast, Bentley offers warranty and non-warranty on-campus laptop repair services accessible at the IT Help Desk. Approved manufacturer repairs may be covered under hardware warranty and/or accidental damage for Lenovo, Dell, HP and Apple business-class laptops for no additional fee.  

For IT help or questions, please visit the IT support site Bentley Support Central and login with a  Bentley email address and password or email