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Technology and High-Tech Centers

High-Tech Classrooms

All of Bentley’s classrooms are equipped with multimedia computers and display technology, which faculty employ as appropriate to enhance the presentation of course material.

The CIS Sandbox

At Bentley's  CIS Sandbox, innovation meets exploration and collaboration.  Our mission is to prepare you to succeed in your CIS courses and to thrive in a technology-driven business world.  The CIS Sandbox is the place to go to get help with homework, as well as to hang out with other students excited to create what's possible.

Our tutors are passionate about the courses they have taken, so they can help you learn the concepts you need when working on an assignment.  They are patient, friendly, and welcoming. Ask them your questions. Come prepared with questions to ask, and be ready to learn. We provide tutoring services for most undergraduate and graduate CS courses.  You can drop by in person during the day, join online on nights and weekends, or make a one-on-one appointment with a tutor if you want directed support. See for the current schedule of who's working when.

Whether you're playing with programming languages, delving into data analytics, tinkering with technology, or building your own applications, the CIS Sandbox provides the tools and guidance to bring your visions to life. We have desktop computers running Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems, and specialized software,  Android tablets, Raspberry Pi devices, Amazon Alexa and Google Home smart speakers, Oculus Virtual Reality Headsets, augmented reality glasses, large wall displays, and other high-tech gadgets. You can hone your presentation skills by practicing in front of our SMART Board,  meet with your team at one of our collaboration stations to work on a group project, or brainstorm at our huge glass board.  These are available to you when you visit the CIS Sandbox in person.

The CIS Sandbox is also a community of learners, current students, alumni, and industry leaders, who come together in person and online to share their career accomplishments or discuss the latest technology trends, as part of ouTopics in Tech speaker series.  Our partnerships with alumni at local companies through the Industry Engagement Program provides micro-internship opportunities for CIS Sandbox tutors to gain real-world experience on industry projects and share their work with the CIS Sandbox community.

At the CIS Sandbox, learning happens outside the classroom.  Yes, we'll help you with your homework, but we offer so much more. Come for the tutoring, stay for the tech. Get hands-on experience, play with the coolest tech on campus. Become part of a community that thrives on discovery, and gives you a head start in your professional journey.

Location: Smith 234 and online at .

User Experience Center (UXC)

The global user experience consulting group based at Bentley University was founded in 1999. Since that time, the UXC has provided hundreds of clients around the world with user experience research, design and strategy services.

Affiliation with the master’s program in Human Factors in Information Design provides the Center with unique access to internationally-recognized experts and the latest research in the fields of user experience, design, human factors, usability, marketing, and business.

Location:  Smith Academic Technology Center


The Hughey Center for Financial Services (or the Trading Room) is a world-class academic facility providing students with hands-on, practical, and experiential learning opportunities in areas such as equity and fixed income research, portfolio management, risk management, and analytical decision making. The HCFS enables students to stay current in their fields and gain certifications in Bloomberg (Bloomberg Markets Concepts), Factset (Financial Modeling), and Morningstar. In addition, students have the opportunity to engage in multiple thought leadership sessions that are run throughout the year, including sessions on Blockchain, Behavioral Finance, ESG, Lifecycle of a Trade, and Fireside Chats (conversations with senior Investment professionals). The Trading Room also offers the prestigious Wall Street 101 Summer Program for rising high school juniors and seniors. 

For more information, please contact Professor Jahangir Sultan, Founding Director of The Hughey Center for Financial Services at