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Finance and Technology Major

The FinTech major is intended for students interested in learning about the application of technology to solve financial problems and studying the positive impact of these applications in society. Students in this major will develop a foundation in financial markets and institutions, data structures and queries, and the use of programming languages. The major requires students to take 4 CS courses providing a foundation in database and programming techniques, 3 FI courses providing a foundation in financial concepts, 2 FI courses providing the link between technology, financial services, and social innovation and 1 interdisciplinary course on the application of natural language processing to discover investment opportunities. Through the lens of the financial services sector, students will learn how the interplay between finance and technology creates efficiencies and social innovations across different geographic regions in the world.

Course Title Credits
Major Requirements
CS 150Introduction to Data and Information Management3
or CS 160 Data-Driven Decision Making
CS 230Introduction to Programming with Python3
CS 350Database Management Systems3
CS 370Introduction to Machine Learning3
EC 112Principles of Macroeconomics3
FI 305Principles of Accounting and Finance3
FI 306Financial Markets and Investment3
FI 325Operations of Financial Institutions3
FT 323Introduction to FinTech3
FT 324Blockchain Applications and Decentralized Finance3
FT 370Investment Applications of Natural Language Processing4
Total Credits34