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Grading Standards

Grading System

Grade Point Average (GPA) and Course Grade

Academic performance is officially recorded on a semester basis in grades and grade points. Passing grades that range from D- (0.7) to A (4.0) earn grade points; failures are recorded as F and earn no grade points.

The terms “grade point average” and “course grade” are generally interchangeable; however, a grade point average takes into account the number of credit hours in each course when measuring overall academic achievement.

Grading General

Grade Alphabetical Equivalent Numerical Equivalent
4.0 A 95-100
3.7 A- 90-94
3.3 B+ 87-89
3.0 B 83-86
2.7 B- 80-82
2.3 C+ 77-79
2.0 C 73-76
1.7 C- 70-72
1.3 D+ 67-69
1.0 D 63-66
0.7 D- 60-62
0.0 F Below 60
P C- or better 70 or better

Grade Point Average

Grade point average is obtained by multiplying the course grade by the semester hours of credits the course carries and dividing the total quality points earned by the total semester hours of course work taken.

Academic performance is officially recorded on a semester basis in grades and grade points. Passing grades, ranging from D- to A, earn quality points; failures and incompletes are recorded as “F” and “I,” respectively and earn no quality points. For example:

Course Grade Semester Hours Quality Points
A = 4.0 3 12
B = 3.0 3 9
C = 2.0 3 6
F = 0.0 3 0
Example GPA: 28.65 quality points ÷ 12 credits = 2.38
I = incomplete Not Counted N/A
P = pass 3 N/A

Grade Reports/Transcripts

A report of grades, or unofficial transcript, is available by accessing the Degree Works Audit through Workday.

Bentley University uses an electronic transcript request and fulfillment process. This process offers advanced security features and improved efficiency to meet student needs.

Transcripts are not released to students who receive a Perkins loan and do not complete an exit interview or have a financial hold.

Students have an obligation to complete their administrative responsibilities. When deemed appropriate by the university, students may be restricted from viewing and accessing grade information in an effort to enforce compliance with these responsibilities.

Class Standing and Credits

Students are designated as First Year, sophomores, juniors or seniors according to the number of courses successfully completed, including transfer and examination credits awarded. Credits are awarded in semester hours. Bentley does not rank individual class standing.

Class standing is a prerequisite for many business courses. However, class standing may be waived for full and part-time students according to the provisions of the Window Policy. The Window Policy permits any student who is nine credits short of standing to enroll in leveled courses, providing the course prerequisites have been met.

Number of Credit Hours Successfully Completed Classification

Credit Hours Class Standing
0-29 First Year
30-59 Sophomore
60-89 Junior
90-122 Senior

Grading Designations


P - “Pass” earns no grade points in the computing of the grade point average. Eligibility to register for a course under the Pass/Fail Policy is restricted. Students must declare their intent during the Add/Swap/Drop period and this declaration is irrevocable.

D - The grades of  D-, D or D+  are issued as part of the Pass/Fail/D grading policy when a student’s earned grade is is below a C-. The grade points associated with a D-, D or D+ will be computed into the grade point average.

Other Grade Designations

F - “Failure” earns no grade points in the computing of the grade point average. The course may be repeated for credit in order to clear the “F.­­” See the Course Repeat Policy in this catalogue.

I - “Incomplete” is a temporary designation given when course requirements that can be made up are not yet completed. Undergraduate students must make up all incomplete grades for spring semester or summer term courses by November 15 and for fall semester courses by March 15.

Failure to clear the incomplete within the above-stated time periods will result in automatic conversion of incompletes to “F” grades.

S – “Satisfactory” is given for passing work.

U – “Unsatisfactory” is given for work below passing.

W – “Withdrawal” signifies that a student has withdrawn during the period beginning with the third week and continuing through two-thirds of the semester. Retroactive withdrawals are not permitted.

AU – “Audit” must be declared before the end of the third week of classes with the requirements for the retention of such status to be spelled out by the individual instructor to the student. If the requirements are not fulfilled, the AU can be changed to a W. After the first three weeks, AU status cannot be changed to a credit status.

A student is permitted to audit any course being offered by the undergraduate college, provided the student obtains the permission of the instructor. Students may take the examinations for the course, but receive no credit for them. Transcripts contain a memorandum entry when a course is audited. Audited courses count towards the total number of credits allowed for a term. For example, a student enrolled in 15 credits may add a course for audit to a schedule, but the audited course is considered part of the 18 credits allowed per term.

There is no change of any grade one year after its original submission or after a degree has been awarded.