2019-2020 Catalogue

Media and Culture Major

Centered on the nature of storytelling in all its forms and designed to prepare students for careers in the media industries, the Media and Culture (MC) major is focused on production within an integrated curriculum on media literacy, theory and business. After all, “show business” is just that—a business. Students gain technical expertise in specialties, such as video and audio production, graphic and motion design, and writing about media forms, while also learning the business skills necessary for today’s media companies to succeed. In addition to the major’s focus on media literacy, English and Media Studies courses teach how media texts operate at the creative, cultural and industrial levels. New MC majors can join graduates who have screened their original films at the Cannes Film Festival, interned at MTV, and landed full-time jobs with prominent media firms in Boston, New York and Los Angeles.

Students are encouraged to complete either a media internship or capstone project and will have the flexibility to study abroad or enroll in Bentley’s one-semester media program at New York University. The Media and Culture Labs and Studio in Lindsay Hall boast professional software for screenwriting, film editing, sound mixing, animation and graphic design. Our state-of-the-art Labs and Studio give students hands-on experience in all forms of media production and provide opportunities for them to develop their creative abilities.

In addition to the specific major requirements described below, students must also complete the General Education Curriculum, and additional degree requirements for Arts and Sciences majors, including focused-course requirements, additional electives, modern language requirements and a Minor in Business Studies or Business Studies Major.

Course Title Credits
Required Courses
The major consists of eight courses.
Four Core Courses
EMS 200Introduction to Film, Literature and Media3
MC 220Introduction to Media Production3
Select one of the following courses in media theory:3
Introduction to Cultural Studies
Introduction to Cinema Studies
Selected Topics in Cinema Studies
Great Directors
Genre Studies
Women and Film
International Cinema
Hollywood Genres: Classical Forms and Contemporary Re-Inventions
The Male Image in American Film
Wonder Women
The City in American Film
Youth Culture in International Cinema
CIN 384Horror/Sci-Fi in Film and Television3
Select one production course from the following:3
Digital Photography
Video Production
Audio Production and Sound Design
Documentary Production
Animation Production and Motion Design
Four Electives
Select four additional courses from the English and Media Studies department. Any course with an MC, CIN, COM, EMS or LIT designator may be chosen as an elective.12