Professional Sales (PRS)

PRS 339 Effective Selling     (3 credits)

PREQ: GB 215.

This course is intended to provide the student with a practical real-world understanding of the principles of selling, the sales process and the experiences and skills essential to become successful at selling. The course will place emphasis on the role of sales in business, the necessary “mindset” required, sales process steps and question-based selling techniques to hone in on your prospects needs. The course will also explore various sales structures and compensation options. Sales is actually the process of problem identification and value delivery to a potential buyer. Salespeople develop the skills to discover a buyers “pain” and solve his/her “pain” problems. Good salespeople solve problems for their customers.Understanding how to sell yourself, your ideas, and your products/services is crucial to your success. Everyone can benefit from a better understanding of the sales process and its role in the marketplace. In a sense, we are all salespersons.201701.

Note: Formerly MG 339.

PRS 343 Sales Management     (3 credits)

PREQ: GB 214.

Examines the establishment and maintenance of an effective sales organization. Explores decision-making responsibility at the three primary levels in a sales organization: salesperson, field sales manager and sales executive. Includes a topical analysis of sales-force policies, forecasting, budgeting, expense control, selling strategies, time and territory management, sales automation and corporate sales planning.

Note: Formerly MK 343.

PRS 373 Sales Strategy and Technology     (3 credits)

PREQ: GB 214.

This course focuses on the intersection of sales, operations and technology in driving the growth of organizations of all sizes. The use of technology to speed collaboration between sales, marketing and operations functions is examined. Students will develop insight and knowledge about the strategic role of systems and technology for sales force automation, customer relationship management and customer acquisition. Student will learn strategic sales methods and revenue generation for a variety of business models along with the variety of software and technology that supports sales strategy including Customer Relationship Management, Sales Force Automation, Gamification, Compensation Planning and Tracking, Inbound Lead Management, and more.

PRS 421 Professional Sales Internship     (3 credits)

PRE or COREQ: PRS 339 or PRS 373 and (CC5 or higher) and a minimum GPA of 3.0.

The internship offers a field-based learning experience for selected full-time students in professional sales. Requires the student to select a seminar project related to his/her internship experience in consultation with the internship advisor. Requires students to attend regular seminar meetings, submit progress reports, and prepare a substantial report on academic concepts related to the work experience.