Ethics (ETH)

ETH 700 Ethical Issues in Corporate Life     (3 credits)

Introduces principles of ethical thinking and applies them to situations and models for business decision-making. Explores and analyzes business ethics issues relating to the nature of the corporation, work in the corporation, the corporation and society, and the development of the corporate culture. Provides a conceptual and systematic study of corporate ethics in an effort to develop consistent criteria for business ethics decision-making.

ETH 701 Internship in Business Ethics     (3 credits)

A three credit field-based educational experience for Bentley graduate students that provides the opportunity to (1) observe ethics and compliance practices, (2) apply and test hands-on the ethics/value concepts and methods learned in classes, (3) develop leadership skills, (4) test aptitude and personal preferences for various career directions, and (5) establish a basis for future professional employment. In order to receive academic credit, students must work 12-14 weeks at an organization suitable for the individual student's field learning experience, and complete specific requirements during the internship, demonstrating the ability to apply and integrate business ethics strategies and concepts.

ETH 750 Managing Ethics in Organizations     (3 credits)

Managing Ethics in Organizations is an executive education course open to Bentley graduate students in which participants will receive practical advice and theoretical tools for creating and managing highly effective ethics programs. In this one-week intensive, students will work alongside seasoned professionals and newcomers to the ethics and compliance field from around the globe. The faculty consists of about 20 of the world’s leading professionals and academics in the field; one Bentley professor, however, will supervise the work of the Bentley graduate students. Each instructor will cover specific topics, ranging from a review of ethical principles to methods for managing ethics investigations. This course, offered once a year at Bentley, is co-sponsored by the Center for Business Ethics and the Ethics and Compliance Officer Association.

ETH 810 Research in Business Ethics     (3 credits)

This course allows students to develop specialized knowledge in business ethics by structuring and completing a faculty-supervised research project. This area of investigation is proposed in writing to a faculty supervisor by the student and must be approved by the supervisor and the program director. Students demonstrate research skills and technical competence through the presentation of a written report outlining the nature and significance of the project chosen and the resulting conclusions. The project may be completed in conjunction with an internship in a sponsoring company that has an ethics program.