Undergraduate Catalogue


Bentley University is focused on providing a cutting-edge, business-oriented education that integrates the best of business with the best that arts and sciences have to offer. As a leading university, we believe that developing global leaders requires that our strength across business disciplines is complemented by equivalent strength across the disciplines of arts and sciences. And we believe that education and research synergies are required across the two disciplines.

What does that mean for you and your undergraduate education? Let us highlight some of the qualities and areas of emphasis that set Bentley apart.

Chances are that you were initially drawn to Bentley because of the reputation we enjoy for our extensive business education and because of our world-class facilities with the very latest technology. But we offer you much more: education abroad; an honors program; internships; service learning; the option of the master’s candidate program; and strength across a wide range of disciplines exemplified by our faculty of engaged teacher-scholars who offer much more than an abundance of courses oriented to understanding the context of business in today’s global marketplace. In short, Bentley provides you with the opportunities to explore your interests in arts and sciences with the same level of excellence and attention as you rightfully expect from business — opportunities that extend well beyond what you might expect to find on a small, intimate campus.

Bentley University is renowned for offering a full academic experience that prepares you for much more than a responsible professional career. We will support your development as a leader committed to adding value to the organizations you engage in, to your family, and to our broader society. Here you will combine professional skills with a deep understanding and rich appreciation of societal and cross-cultural issues, ethics and social responsibility. We aim to inspire you to be articulate, creative, ethical and knowledgeable — as well as broad-minded and comfortable with ambiguity. Our moderate size ensures that our professors make a point of getting to know you as an individual. Classes are relatively small and student life is rich and varied. There’s time for athletics, social events or your choice among more than 100 student organizations.

We share your excitement about the year ahead. Bentley puts resources at your fingertips that may not be available even at much larger institutions: our computer network and wireless facilities, electronic access to databases, internationally recognized library facilities that focus on our key strengths and an array of co-curricular opportunities, to name but a few.

Looking through this catalogue, you will see a menu of enticing possibilities that will excite and possibly overwhelm you.

Whatever your initial perceptions, Bentley has the highly talented and committed staff who want to work with you to sort through the options and find a curriculum that is perfectly suited to your needs and aspirations. One of our academic advisors will take the time to help you understand the curriculum, explain programs, answer questions, and point out electives that may not have caught your eye. We will offer the space to grow intellectually and personally. Guidance and support are available in all corners of campus, including Academic Advising, the Center for Health and Wellness, Counseling and Student Development, Cronin Office for International Education, International Student and Scholar Services, the Multicultural Center, and the Spiritual Life Center.

Students who have chosen Bentley University benefit from getting fully involved in campus life. Your four years as an undergraduate will pass more quickly than you can probably imagine. So be sure to challenge yourself to make the very best of all the opportunities that come your way.

With best wishes,

Daniel L. Everett
Dean of Arts and Sciences

Roy A. (Chip) Wiggins III
Dean of Business and the McCallum Graduate School of Business