2019-2020 Catalogue

Economics-Finance Major

Economics and finance are closely related disciplines, reflecting the great degree of integration that exists between the economy and the financial system. The Economics-Finance major at Bentley is a unique, blended major that provides a strong foundation in both economics and finance.

The core economics and finance courses provide students with an in-depth understanding of how markets, in general, function at the micro and macro levels, and develop strong skills in financial statement analysis, the functioning of financial markets and financial systems. Students can customize their program of study by taking a wide variety of economics and finance elective courses to satisfy the program requirements and their individual interests. The culminating experience of the Economics-Finance major is the capstone course, Monetary Economics, EC 441, where students learn about how the U.S. Federal Reserve System operates and how monetary theory impacts the economy and financial markets.

The major is designed to prepare well-rounded students with an in-depth knowledge and practical skills for a variety of careers, including commercial credit analysts, financial consultants, financial analysts, floor traders, investment analysts, investment bankers, securities lending associates or venture capital analysts.

In addition to the specific major requirements described below, students must also complete the General Education Curriculum, and additional degree requirements for business majors, including the General Business Core, focused-course requirements, and additional electives.

Course Title Credits
Required Courses
EC 224Intermediate Price Theory3
EC 225Intermediate Macroeconomics3
EC 441Monetary Economics3
2 EC electives6
FI 305Principles of Accounting and Finance3
FI 306Financial Markets and Investment3
2 FI electives6
Students should select two economics electives and two finance electives in consultation with their faculty advisor. Any two EC and two FI courses, not otherwise required, can be used to fulfill the elective requirements.