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Information Design and Corporate Communication Major

The IDCC major is about creating experiences through Public Relations (PR) and User Experience (UX). IDCC majors can specialize in either user experience or public relations.

Students pursuing a PR track learn to build mutually beneficial relationships between clients and the public, create and run a social media presence with creative messaging and engagement strategies, manage crises, and use analytics to make an organization and its image compelling to the public. Social media and consumer awareness of companies’ positions and performance have made managing public relations more critical than ever.

Students who choose the UX track learn about human behavior to leverage innovative design strategies and apply that knowledge to the creation of future technology products. User experience design is becoming an increasingly critical element of what we do, use and buy, from smartphones to e-commerce. LinkedIn reports experience design jobs are in the top five in demand, growing both in the U.S. and globally.

In addition to the specific major requirements described below, students must also complete all designated requirements in Foundations for Success, Contexts & Perspectives in the Arts & Sciences, Business Dynamics, Communication Intensive coursework, and the additional degree requirements for business majors.  Details can be found in the Degree Requirements section of the catalogue, including the Overview and the Business Majors tabs.

IDCC Major

Course Title Credits
Required Courses for IDCC Major24
IDCC 225Designing Experiences3
IDCC 240Fundamentals of Design3
IDCC 386Investigations in Experience Design3
Requirements for Public Relations Concentration
IDCC 250Public Relations Theory and Practice3
IDCC 255Public Relations Writing3
Plus three IDCC electives from the following:9
Managerial Communication
Digital Public Relations
Crisis Communication and Management
Sports Public Relations
Environmental Graphic Design
Global Public Relations
STP Forward Fashion
May also choose IDCC 421 Internship in Information Design and Corporate Communication
Requirements for User Experience Concentration
IDCC 375User Interface Design3
IDCC 385Elements of Usability and User Experience3
Plus three IDCC electives from the following:9
Fundamentals of Content Development
Web Design I: Information Design, Principles and Practices
Concept Development
Web Design II: Information Architecture and Site Management
May also choose IDCC 421 Internship in Information Design and Corporate Communication