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English Major

The English major at Bentley is designed for students who are interested in literature and film and in a career that requires an understanding of how such cultural texts work. The foundational courses (EMS 200 and EMS 220) introduce students to the importance of genre and to the variety of intellectual traditions through which literary works may be analyzed. In addition to learning about literary form and theory, students will consider how literary works reflect and shape categories of “otherness” (such as race, ethnicity and gender) and circulate within structures of power in an increasingly globalized and diverse world. The English major includes a creative writing component that mirrors the production courses in the Film and Media Studies major. This requirement ensures a deeper understanding of the literary genres that students will encounter and a greater mastery of the expressive potential of language.

The English major prepares students for any career that requires excellence in oral and written communication, such as publishing, the media industry, journalism, copywriting, editing, or business writing. It also provides a solid foundation for graduate work in law, education or literature.

In addition to the specific major requirements described below, students must also complete all designated requirements in Foundations for Success, Contexts & Perspectives in the Arts & Sciences, Business Dynamics, Communication Intensive coursework, and the additional degree requirements for Arts & Sciences majors (including the Modern Language requirement).  Details can be found in the Degree Requirements section of the catalogue, including the Overview and the Arts & Sciences Majors tabs.

Course Title Credits
Required Courses
EMS 200Introduction to Film, Literature and Media3
EMS 220Introduction to Cultural Studies3
Select one EMS course in diversity or trans-nationality/post-coloniality from the following:3
Horror/Sci-Fi in Film and Television
Black Lives Matter: African American Literature and Culture
Latina/o/x Literature
Native American Literature and Culture
Immigrant and Ethnic Literature
Black Cinema
Passing in American Literature
Women in Literature
Women and Film
Wonder Women
The Male Image in American Film
LGBQ American Literature
Transgender American Literature
Queer and Trans Media Studies
Cultural Studies and the Body
Literature and Medicine
Money, Love, and Death: Colonialism in Literature and Culture
Diasporic Literature and Culture
Caribbean Literature
Images of the Hero
Global Media
International Cinema
Youth Cultures in International Cinema
Select one creative writing course from the following: 3
Writing Poetry
Writing Fiction
Writing for Drama/Screen
Creative Nonfiction/Essay Writing
Creative Writing and Multimedia Production
Select four additional courses from the English and Media Studies department. It is encouraged that at least one elective focus on constructions of gender and sexuality, such as EMS 312, 322, 360, 361, 364, or EMS 365.12
Total Credits24