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The Jeanne and Dan Valente Center for Arts and Sciences

The mission of the Jeanne & Dan Valente Center for Arts & Sciences is to foster the arts, humanities, and sciences as a vital, integral, and challenging aspect of education at Bentley. The Valente Center for Arts & Sciences contributes to the overall intellectual life on campus by organizing special events on a variety of topics and by hosting visiting scholars from a range of fields in the arts, humanities, and sciences. The center supports faculty and student research through various undergraduate research programs, student research assistantships, and workshops, including a humanities research seminar with participants from across Boston-area institutions, and various self-directed student seminars. Through its programs, the Valente Center for Arts & Sciences promotes the intersections between humanties, sciences and business. The center seeks to raise the national and international profile of Bentley University’s arts, humanities, and sciences disciplines.

Location: Adamian 247