2019-2020 Catalogue

PhD: Subject Based Core - BUS (PBU)

PBU 1601 SBC: Psychology & Sociology     (3 credits)

This PhD seminar explores Psychology and Sociology perspectives in business research.

PBU 1602 SBC: Microeconomic Theory     (3 credits)

It is assumed that you have some knowledge of microeconomics. If it has been several years since you have taken microeconomics, it is strongly suggested you refresh your knowledge by covering the main concepts of a microeconomics textbook. It is also assumed that students have successfully completed PhD Bentley Statistics course, or its equivalent, and therefore have a strong foundation in multiple regression analysis.

PBU 1603 SBC: Information Systems     (3 credits)


This course is designed to give you a sense of the range of topics associated with the field of Information Systems (IS), of how the scope of the field has expanded over the past half century or so, and of the range of research approaches used to study information systems and related phenomena. The scope of the field now encompasses aspects of globalization, and societal and ethical issues more generally. This is in addition to the development of organizational information systems, and the use made and impacts of information and communication technologies within and between organizations that had been the core of the (management) information systems (MIS) field previously. The research approaches adopted in IS range from focused, laboratory experimentation to field studies: qualitative and mixed mode approaches are increasingly common as well as quantitative approaches. The philosophical underpinnings of IS research range from the positivist, to the interpretivist and the critical.

PBU 1604 SBC: Business Workshop     (3 credits)


The purpose of this workshop is to help students develop their knowledge of doing business research (broadly conceived). The course will introduce student to the elements of academic life. The course will include: identifying research topics and the subsequent development of research proposals prior to defense; submission of research papers to conferences and journals; presentations of draft papers, reviewing academic research papers; identifying business data sets and appropriate software; using business research methods; evaluating research methods used in academic research; and developing your academic profile, network and career agenda.

PBU 1605 Organization Theory     (3 credits)


The purpose of this course is to review and evaluate different theories, perspectives and developments that related to understanding organizations, including both macro and micro theories, beginning with the classical engineering perspectives and moving to more contemporary post-modern approaches.

PBU 1606 Environmental, Social and Governmental Perspectives     (3 credits)

The purpose of this PhD seminar is to examine business research through environmental, sociological and governmental perspectives.