University Catalogues

Registrar's Office

The Registrar's Office is located in the Rauch Administration Building. The office is responsible for assuring the integrity of the academic procedures by enforcing academic policy and maintaining student data and student records. The Registrar's Office administers student registration; maintains academic records, course records, degree audit functions and verifies students for degree completion.


Bentley offers an automated, online course-registration system that allows students to register for classes using the web. This system also enables students to add or swap courses typically through the first week of classes, drop courses typically through the second week of classes, and withdraw from courses within predetermined deadlines.

Revised Schedules and Course Cancellations

Bentley reserves the right to cancel courses or to reschedule courses in which registration is below an acceptable minimum. The university makes every effort to communicate such changes to students already registered. If students cancel registration due to a schedule change by the university, their entire tuition for that course will be refunded or credited. If students were registered in only one course, the activity fee will also be refunded or credited.

The faculty names listed in registration information are tentative and subject to change. The university does not guarantee choice of individual instructors.

Transcript Requests

Bentley students may order an official transcript online. There is a $5.00 fee for each transcript. Students have access to their unofficial transcripts through their Degree Works Audit.

Completion of Degree Requirements for Graduation

Bentley confers degrees three times per year after the conclusion of the fall, spring, and summer terms. Students will be awarded a degree at the conclusion of the term in which they complete their degree requirements.

Students completing degree requirements during one of the intensive sessions (e.g., May Intensive or Winter session) will not be have not have their degrees awarded until the conclusion of the corresponding term. Winter session courses is part of spring term and May Intensive courses are part of the summer term. 

Students are required to apply for degree completion. Specific dates of each conferral are listed in the online Academic Calendar. Students must have met all financial obligations to be eligible to participate in the May commencement ceremony. Once a degree is awarded, the record is sealed and no grade changes may be recorded. 

Graduation requirements for undergraduate students: Students must meet the overall, major(s) and minor GPA of 2.0 and have no grade below a D-.

Students that do not meet the 2.0 minimum GPA in the minor will be dropped from the minor, including the required Business Administration minor. 

Undergraduate students that are within two courses (or seven credits) of completing their degree by the end of the spring term are eligible to participate in the spring ceremony as a "Commencement Participant." Commencement Participants must apply for program completion and meet the 2.0 GPA requirements both cumulatively and for the major and have all financial obligations met prior to the ceremony. Commencement Participants must fill out a contract with Academic Services and meet with an academic advisor for approval of the contract.

Graduation requirements for graduate students: Students must meet the overall GPA of a 2.7 as well as a 2.7 in their major/concentration. 

Graduate students that are within two courses of completing their degree by the end of the spring term are eligible to participate in the spring ceremony as a "Commencement Participant".  Commencement Participants must file for graduation and meet the 2.7 GPA requirements for the overall and major/concentration and have all financial obligations met prior to the ceremony. Graduate students must be registered for summer classes to complete their degree prior to being approved to participate in the ceremony.