2019-2020 Catalogue

Career Development - Undergraduate (CDI)

CDI 101 Career Development Introduction Seminar     (0 credits)

Career development is an essential part of the undergraduate experience, as students need to be well prepared to not only enter into the unknown world of college recruiting and internships, but to succeed in both. Career Development Introduction Seminar will introduce the foundation of this critical tool development (identification of personal strengths/talents and how they impact career decision making; development of effective job search marketing collateral, i.e. resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and elevator pitch development; development of networking and informational interviewing skills; education of internship search process and techniques). This course will teach incoming first-year students how to identify their own interests and skills as they relate to their careers and how to best develop and utilize these necessary tools for their lifelong career development and evolution.

Note: CDI 101 is a non-credit, transcript bearing course; offered to the first year students in the spring of their first year and to transfer students with less than 30 credits.

CDI 102 Career Development Internship     (1 credit)

<p>Pre-Req: CDI 101 and approval of Career Services. May not register on the web.</p>

Offers a field-based learning experience for students who have obtained an internship and satisfactorily completed CDI 101. Requires the student to participate and complete an internship, appropriate paperwork, evaluations and a thank-you note to the employer with the supervision of Undergraduate Career Services faculty. For more information and to register for this class, students must contact Undergraduate Career Services in LaCava 225.

Note: May be taken a maximum of two times. Credit does not apply to degree requirements but will appear on the transcript.

CDI 201 Career Seminar     (0 credits)

<p>Pre-Req: (CC3 or CC4)</p>

This course is the sophomore-level career development course that focuses on job search readiness. The curriculum is centered on advanced Strengths Finder-based assessment, customized career action planning, advanced internship search techniques, and interviewing preparation and practice (which includes a mock interview with an employer). This course is non-credit and will not appear onthe transcript.

CDI 301 Career Development Intensive     (0 credits)

<p>Pre-Req: Only open to Juniors.</p>