University Catalogues

Academic Learning Centers and Labs

Center for Languages and International Collaboration (CLIC) LAB

The goal of the Center for Languages and International Collaboration (CLIC) is to provide support services for both faculty and students in exploring pedagogical innovation in the fields of language learning. CLIC strives to become a state-of-the-art technology and culture hub at Bentley University where students, faculty, and staff connect, experiment, create, learn, and discover through multilingual interactions. CLIC provides a social space and develop communities of practice where intercultural exchanges can flourish, and multilingual communication can thrive.

Location: Adamian 162

The CIS Sandbox

At Bentley's  CIS Sandbox, innovation meets exploration and collaboration.  Our mission is to prepare you to succeed in your CIS courses and to thrive in a technology-driven business world.  The CIS Sandbox is the place to go to get help with homework, as well as to hang out with other students excited to create what's possible.

Our tutors are passionate about the courses they have taken, so they can help you learn the concepts you need when working on an assignment.  They are patient, friendly, and welcoming. Ask them your questions. Come prepared with questions to ask, and be ready to learn. We provide tutoring services for most undergraduate and graduate CS courses.  You can drop by in person during the day, join online on nights and weekends, or make a one-on-one appointment with a tutor if you want directed support. See for the current schedule of who's working when.

Whether you're playing with programming languages, delving into data analytics, tinkering with technology, or building your own applications, the CIS Sandbox provides the tools and guidance to bring your visions to life. We have desktop computers running Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems, and specialized software,  Android tablets, Raspberry Pi devices, Amazon Alexa and Google Home smart speakers, Oculus Virtual Reality Headsets, augmented reality glasses, large wall displays, and other high-tech gadgets. You can hone your presentation skills by practicing in front of our SMART Board,  meet with your team at one of our collaboration stations to work on a group project, or brainstorm at our huge glass board.  These are available to you when you visit the CIS Sandbox in person.

The CIS Sandbox is also a community of learners, current students, alumni, and industry leaders, who come together in person and online to share their career accomplishments or discuss the latest technology trends, as part of ouTopics in Tech speaker series.  Our partnerships with alumni at local companies through the Industry Engagement Program provides micro-internship opportunities for CIS Sandbox tutors to gain real-world experience on industry projects and share their work with the CIS Sandbox community.

At the CIS Sandbox, learning happens outside the classroom.  Yes, we'll help you with your homework, but we offer so much more. Come for the tutoring, stay for the tech. Get hands-on experience, play with the coolest tech on campus. Become part of a community that thrives on discovery, and gives you a head start in your professional journey.

Location: Smith 234 and online at .

The Howard A. Winer Learning Lab for Economics, Accounting and Finance (LEAF)

The goal of the LEAF is to provide a welcoming and inclusive learning environment where students are encouraged to seek academic support for their accounting, economics and finance courses. Students utilizing the LEAF will find peer tutors knowledgeable in accounting, economics, and finance, ready to help and prepare students to thrive in the Bentley business curriculum.

The LEAF is designed to allow students hands-on experience by integrating technology into their areas of study and work together on group projects and case studies. Additionally, students will find peer led tutoring for the subject areas covered by the lab.

The LEAF has networked individual workstations plus group workstations with 42" display screens, and a conference room with a Smartboard. 

Location: Lindsay 21

The Mathematics Learning Center

The Math Center provides drop-in tutoring to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in mathematics or statistics courses at Bentley. The goal is to have students leave a tutoring session with an increased understanding and confidence in their own ability to do mathematics. The center is directed by a full-time faculty member but is staffed entirely by Bentley students. Most days and evenings Math Center offers drop-in, no appointment needed hours to help with math courses at Bentley University. During all hours of operation, students may get help with all 100-level math courses, and there are selected hours in which students may get help with math electives, some graduate courses and ST 113 (business statistics). Computer assistance as it relates to a mathematics course is also provided.

Location: Jennison 218

The Writing Center

The Writing Center offers one-on-one assistance—for writing and presentations—to students of all years and skill levels. Staffed by a writing instructor and highly trained peer tutors, the Writing Center provides a welcoming and supportive environment in which students can work on writing or presentations for any class or discipline. Students are encouraged to visit in-person or online at all stages of the process; they can come with notes, slides, or a full or partial draft. They can work on an outline or get feedback on a presentations. Writing Center staff are happy to help at any point in the drafting or revising process.

Location: Library, Lower Level, 023

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Center

Bentley University students who are English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) can receive English-language support for their writing and academic coursework at the ESOL Center. Faculty tutors who specialize in working with multilingual learners offer feedback and strategies for writing at any stage from the brainstorming through the drafting process. Additionally, students can receive help related to research, documenting sources, oral presentations, Power Point slides, pronunciation, and conversation enrichment.

Location: Library, Lower Level, 026