2022-2023 Catalogue

Statistics (ST)

ST 113 Business Statistics     (3 credits)

Pre-Req: CS 100, at least 12 completed credits, and (MA 105, MA 107, or MA 131)

Modern businesses rely on well-educated professionals who can effectively use data to enhance and support decision-making processes. The primary objective of this course is to use data to illustrate key concepts for making decisions throughout each of the primary business disciplines; accounting, economics, finance, information systems, management and marketing. Focuses on learning skill sets necessary to access and manipulate large amounts of data and the techniques that enhance the individuals' decision-making process. Introduces some elementary Microsoft Access methods for transferring a sample of data from a database into Microsoft Excel. Illustrates how to make effective decisions using simple and multiple regression models. Provides balanced presentations illustrating the manual use of statistical techniques for understanding purposes and how to implement those techniques using the computer.