Academic Performance Standards

Students whose academic performance is below standard are strongly urged to maintain close contact with their academic advisors and Academic Services. While Bentley academic and administrative staff are dedicated to helping students attain their collegiate goals, students are ultimately responsible for their success at the university.

First-year students with an overall grade point average of less than 1.9 and sophomores, juniors and seniors with an overall average of less than 2.0 are placed on academic probation. Students are also placed on academic probation, regardless of cumulative grade point average, if two or more courses taken under a full-time load (or accumulated equivalent) receive F grades. In addition, members of varsity athletic teams must maintain a minimum cumulative average set by the NCAA to remain eligible to participate in intercollegiate athletics. Students with a satisfactory cumulative grade point average will be placed on “academic warning” if they have a low term GPA and/or earned a combination of more than one grade of “F”, “W” or “I” in a semester and/or earned more than four F’s overall.

Students on academic probation are subject to review by the Academic Performance Committee. Committee actions can include reducing course loads, requiring attendance in a study skills course, suspension and, ultimately, permanent dismissal from the University.

Students subject to such action are contacted individually and must follow the Committee’s directives to improve their academic performance. Continued inadequate academic performance can also jeopardize students’ eligibility for federal financial aid.

Students who are suspended (normally for a one-year period), may petition for re-admission in writing to the Associate Dean of Academic Services. The deadline for re-application is March 15 for a fall semester re-entry and October 15 for a spring semester re-entry. Students who wish to re-enter should be prepared to accept a reduced course load and other conditions outlined by the Associate Dean of Academic Services.