2019-2020 Catalogue

Creative Industries Major

Creative industries are a major driver of global growth. Success in this rewarding arena requires mastery of vital advocacy and visibility tools to “break through the clutter” and reach intended audiences. Majors learn how historical and technological changes drive demand for new culture, and dissect how innovators build content, platforms or services.

Courses immerse students in the specialized terminology, communication and practices of industries that produce, promote, and distribute creative work. They prepare students to work in companies that need expertise in design, marketing communication, information architecture, copywriting or promotion. This program offers flexibility and customization — a hallmark of all successful creative industries.

Prospects in the creative industries are strong and diverse. Emerging technology is expanding creative content for smartphones, social media and digital entertainment, and enabling innovations in distribution and promotion. The major prepares students for careers in: social media strategy, media promotion, sports or entertainment PR, digital and social media strategy, interactive multimedia, social TV, game management and media planning. Web, sound and user interface design courses are offered in the Media and Culture Labs and Studio. This state-of-the-art facility is equipped with professional-grade software that supports graphic design, sound mixing, animation and DVD authoring.

In addition to the specific major requirements described below, students must also complete the General Education Curriculum, and additional degree requirements for business majors, including the General Business Core, focused-course requirements, and additional electives.

Course Title Credits
Required Courses
IDCC 370Web Design I: Information Design, Principles and Practices3
IDCC 240Fundamentals of Visual Communication3
Select one of the following Media Industry courses:3
Global Media Industries
The Television Industry
Creative Industries
Media Industry Convergence
The Music Industry
The Video Game Industry
Select one MC course (another industry course may be taken in addition to the list below)3
Digital Photography
Video Production
Selected Topics in Advanced Production
Documentary Production
Producing Media: Industry Perspectives
Elective Courses
Select two IDCC electives from the following:6
Public Relations Theory and Practice
Public Relations Writing
Advanced Visual Communication
Digital Public Relations
Sports Public Relations
User Interface Design
Web Design II: Information Architecture and Site Management
Elements of Usability and User Experience
Selected Topics in Information Design and Corporate Communication (if appropriate)
Internship in Information Design and Corporate Communication
Select two EMS electives from the following:6
Introduction to Media Theory
Introduction to Media Production
Global Media Industries
The Television Industry
Selected Topics in Media Studies
Audio Production and Sound Design
Animation Production and Motion Design
Media Industry Convergence
The Music Industry
The Video Game Industry
Internship in Media and Culture
Creative Writing: Drama/Screen Writing
Creative Writing: Nonfiction/Essay
Creative Writing: Mixed Genres
Mass Communication
Design as Communication
Writing and Design for Multimedia