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Graduate Student Academic Services

Graduate Student Academic Advising and Engagement

Academic Advising and Support

Graduate Academic Advising is responsible for supporting student learning through academic advising services. Programs and services are directed toward fostering students’ academic progress and achievement. All graduate academic advising adheres to the university’s academic integrity policies, academic policies and practices, and the community values and expectations espoused in the Bentley Core Values. 

To support this mission, we offer one-on-one academic advising meetings and provide academic support programs. The graduate academic advising team is part of a comprehensive campus advising system designed to connect students with MS and MBA program director, internship coordinators, and other campus resources and professionals.

Student Engagement

Within Graduate Student Academic Services, our objective is to help graduate students identify resources on campus which can make the graduate student experience one that is robust, engaging and meaningful. The graduate school  supports a lively community of full-time and part-time students from around the world, whose diverse experiences and backgrounds contribute to learning and personal development beyond the scope of the academic program of study. Our students are offered unique professional and social opportunities accessible to all graduate students, whether their experience takes place on campus or is experienced through remote modalities.  

We are committed to providing graduate students with support outside of the classroom to enhance the graduate student experience. Students are encouraged to participate in Graduate Student Orientation and pursue involvement and leadership opportunities within the governance structure of the Graduate Student Association and affiliated organizations. 

Location and Access to Services

Graduate Academic Advising and Student Engagement is located in Jennison 336. Students are encouraged to meet with any member of our team during business hours. Students can login to Workday and click on Academics to set up 30-minute appointments with an advisor. Appointments can be for an office visit, a telephone call, or a virtual meeting over the Internet. Students may also send advising and engagement questions to or call 781-891-2348 and can expect a timely response. For the latest information about our services and hours of operation, visit the Graduate Student Academic Advising and Engagement webpage.