2020-2021 Catalogue

Major and Minor Exclusions

Students cannot apply a course to both a major and minor field of study. In addition, to prevent students from overlapping course content required in a major by enrolling in a similarly focused minor or Liberal Studies Major, the following combinations will not be allowed:


Major Excluded Minor Excluded LSM
Accountancy Business Risk Assurance
Actuarial Science Mathematical Sciences Quantitative Perspectives
Business Economics with: Business Economics, International Economics
Concentration in Accountancy
Concentration in Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurial Studies
Concentration in Human Resources
Concentration in IDCC
Information Design and Corporate Communication
Concentration in Information Technology
Computer Information Systems
Concentration in Law
Concentration in Management
Concentration in Marketing
Concentration in Quantitative Analysis
Actuarial Science, Mathematical Sciences, Data Technologies Quantitative Perspectives
Corporate Finance and Accounting Accountancy, Finance
Creative Industries Information Design and Corporate Communication Media Arts and Society
Data Analytics Data Technologies Quantitative Perspectives
Economics-Finance Business Economics, International Economics, Finance
Health Studies Health and Industry, Natural Sciences **
Hispanic Studies Spanish Modern Language, Spanish for Business **
Information Design and Corporate Communication Media Arts and Society
IDCC with Business ICT Concentration Information Process Management
Information Systems Audit and Control Accountancy, Information Process Management, Business Risk Assurance
International Affairs Politics **
Management (all concentrations) Entrepreneurial Studies, Global Management, Human Resources Management, Leadership, Supply Chain Management
Mathematical Sciences Mathematical Sciences Quantitative Perspectives
Media and Culture English and Media Studies **
Professional Sales Management, Marketing
Public Policy Politics **
Quantitative Economics Business Economics, International Economics Quantitative Perspectives
Sustainability Science Health and Industry, Earth Environment and Global Sustainability, Natural Sciences **

** Students enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts program may not complete a Liberal Studies Major. Students enrolled in a Bachelor of Science program, with the exception of Actuarial Science, Data Analytics and Mathematical Sciences, may not complete a Business Studies Major or Minor.