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Center for International Students and Scholars

The mission of the Center for International Students and Scholars (CISS) is to support Bentley's 1000+ international students and scholars through immigration-related advising and resource referral. In doing so, the CISS helps keep Bentley University and international students in compliance with government regulations while providing a caring and supportive atmosphere as international students adjust to life at Bentley and in the U.S. The CISS consists of a team of advisors and government-approved Designated School Officials (DSOs) who possess in-depth knowledge of F-1 and J-1 visa-related regulations. The CISS team is able to advise students on issues relating to initial visa acquisition, employment in the United States, travel, academic requirements for maintaining visa status, and adjustment to life in the U.S. The CISS also offers workshops and information sessions throughout the academic year for students to learn about their immigration status and resources on campus. 

In addition to compliance responsibilities and advising, the CISS also offers cross-cultural programming open to the campus community as well as opportunities for engagement for international students and scholars. These programs include: the WorldView program, Culture Fest, workshops and dialogue spaces. The CISS also advises and collaborates with many student-run cultural organizations on campus, including the International Student Association (ISA).

Location: Student Center 310

International Student Academic Requirements - Full Course of Study & Online Course Policy

International students attending Bentley University in F-1 visa status must follow specific regulatory requirements. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) requires F-1 students to maintain a full course of study (12 credits for undergraduate students), with the exception of a student's final semester or in the case of a pre-authorized reduced course load. Students must also maintain physical presence at Bentley University, and may only count one fully online/distance learning class towards their full course of study requirement [8 C.F.R. 214.2(f)(6)(i)(G)]. If a student is enrolled in multiple courses listed as "hybrid," they must attend all but one of their courses in-person. Failure to comply with these regulations is a violation of a student's F-1 visa status. You can learn more about these and other F-1 regulatory requirements on the CISS website,