Majors and Minors


The Undergraduate College at Bentley offers a variety of academic programs. Students may choose a major that enables them to develop expertise in a specific area of business, or they may pursue an arts and sciences degree. In either case, programs are characterized by a balance of business and liberal arts selections — the best combination for preparing tomorrow’s professionals.

The business skills that students develop are enhanced by a curriculum that integrates the use of computers as tools of analysis, decision-making and management. Moreover, students gain from their interaction with experienced faculty who are business professionals and scholars in their fields. Bentley provides faculty with the resources necessary for quality research and teaching. Many faculty also serve as academic advisors and career mentors.

Listed below are the available Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degree programs, with Business and Arts and Sciences majors identified. All Arts and Sciences majors, except the Liberal Arts major, are required to complete either a Business Studies Major or Minor as part of their program of study.


Bachelor of Science degree programs are designed for students who want to combine a broad approach to business studies with a specialization in a specific discipline.

Business majors are available in:

Arts and Sciences majors are available in:


Bachelor of Arts degree programs are designed for students who want to concentrate in the arts and sciences, perhaps supplementing their study with business courses that strengthen their professional education and career opportunities.

Arts and Sciences majors are available in:


In addition to their primary major, students may select one of the following two second majors. Students may not enroll in more than one of these options.


The Business Studies Major (BSM) is an optional second major open only to students majoring in an arts and sciences discipline (see listing above) and only as a second major. Students cannot pursue this major either on its own or in conjunction with another business major. Arts and Sciences majors who do not select the BSM must instead enroll in the Business Studies minor, except for Liberal Arts majors. The BSM consists of the first six courses in the General Business Core plus two additional business courses selected by students in consultation with their primary major advisor.

The BSM allows students another innovative way to combine the study of liberal arts and business at Bentley.


The Liberal Studies Major (LSM) is an optional second major designed to be paired with any BS major. The major consists of eight courses drawn from general education and elective requirements. Each LSM is student-owned and is significantly different from a traditional major that drills deep within a particular field of study, such as history or finance for example. Rather, it explores important themes such as ethics and social responsibility, global perspectives and media arts and society that cut across many disciplines of the arts and sciences and business. Through choice of a theme and related courses, discussions with faculty mentors, written annual retrospectives and design and completion of a personal culminating project, LSM students become practiced in recognizing and synthesizing important connections and intersections between and among distinct disciplines — they gain meaningful insights on important questions from a variety of vantage points. This process requires creativity, analytical thinking and communication, among other skills commonly considered essential in business and society.

More detailed information on the Liberal Studies Major and thematic concentration choices can be found at


The minors program gives undergraduate students the opportunity to expand their scope of knowledge and develop more knowledge in an area of study outside their majors and to receive formal recognition for their efforts. All departments offer minors. Business majors can broaden their exposure to the arts and sciences through a minor in one of the liberal arts, an interdisciplinary category or through a business minor in a different department. Arts and sciences majors can choose from an array of arts and sciences, business or interdisciplinary minors. A minor consists of at least 12 credits. The following is a list of available minors: