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Minor in Health and Industry

The Minor in Health and Industry comprises four courses related to health and its applications to individuals, society or industries. This minor may help students acquire a deeper understanding of personal health, the biological basis of health and disease, and the psychological contribution to physical well-being.

Course Title Credits
Required Courses
Select one 4-credit Lab Science4
Human Biology
Elements of Living Systems
Chemistry of Sustainable Products
Select at least 1 course in psychology3 to 6
Pioneers in Psychology
Dynamics of Personality
Abnormal Psychology
Positive Psychology
Social Psychology
Cross-Cultural Psychology
Gender Psychology
Health Psychology
Psychology of Self
Child Psychology
Nonverbal Behavior and Judging Others
Environmental Psychology
Sports Psychology
Select at least 1 course in Natural Sciences3 to 6
The Science and Business of Biotechnology
Health of Nations: Anatomy and Function of Health Systems in the United States and Around the World
Human Nutrition: From Science to Life
Human Health and Disease in Today's World
Global Health Challenges
Human Inheritance
Industrial Ecology
Total Credits13

If the topic is appropriate

Policies Related to Minors

  • Some major/minor/major combinations are prohibited. See the major/minor/major exclusions list for more information.
  • Courses taken to fulfill a minor can be applied as arts and sciences electives, unrestricted electives or Context and Perspectives courses. Courses fulfilling Business Dynamics or Business Environment requirements can only apply to the Business Administration minor.  
  • Courses fulfilling Foundations for Success requirements may not be applied to a minor.
  • The electives guide defines all classes designated as Arts and Sciences and Business. A business course can apply to an unrestricted elective requirement but cannot serve as an arts and science elective.  Students are strongly encouraged to maintain an awareness of where courses taken for a minor apply to their degree requirements.
  • Courses used to fulfill the modern language requirement for BA students cannot be applied to a minor.
  • A course taken under the Pass/Fail/D policy may be applied to the minor.
  • Major courses (including courses applied to the Business Administration major) may not be applied to a minor.
  • Students may apply only one course not taken at Bentley (from sources such as transfer, IB, AP, course away, non-Bentley study abroad program, etc.) to the minor.
  • Students may only complete a maximum of three minors including the required Business Administration minor
  • A single course may only apply to one minor.
  • To be awarded a minor, students must achieve a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in the minor. See the exception for the Business Administration Minor below.
  • A minor may not be declared after a student has been awarded their bachelor's degree.
  • Please note: some courses have prerequisites that must be completed before beginning the minor and some minor requirements/electives have prerequisites that must be completed.

Policy on Business Administration Minor

All students will automatically be enrolled in a Business Administration minor. In order to graduate with a designated minor, a student must earn a 2.00 GPA for the courses comprising the minor. All Bentley students are required to successfully complete the courses for the Business Administration minor (grade of D- or above), no matter what major(s) they select, as part of their requirements. Students who pass the required courses for the Business Administration minor, but do not meet the minimum required 2.00 GPA, will have the minor removed as a program of study prior to being awarded an undergraduate degree.