2021-2022 Catalogue

Political Economy and Development

Students in this LSM concentration gain a rich understanding of the interaction of economic, political and social processes and institutions that affect and constitute development. Understandings of development range from economic growth, on the narrow end, to broader-based human development, understood as freedom and the expansion of people’s capabilities. This LSM concentration is designed to help students develop foundational knowledge of politics and economics and learn about the causes and effects, as well as costs and benefits, of development in distinct countries and regions of the world; it is also designed to help students understand what development means in different environments.

Geographically, the course offerings cover the globe, including the US, Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. The course offerings also cover key actors and institutions, ranging from transnational organizations and multinational companies to national governments and local enterprises. 

Combined with a Bachelor of Science degree, this LSM concentration provides students with a multidisciplinary understanding of the structures and processes that generate, constrain or distort development. It helps prepare students to take on leadership roles in for-profit and non-profit organizations around the world.

The LSM consists of eight courses and a culminating project (LSM 450). Students can apply no more than two business courses and no more than two non-Bentley courses to the major. Up to two AP or IB courses can be applied to the major. Not all LSM concentrations can be paired with all business majors. See the major/minor exclusions list for more information.

Course Title Credits
Required Courses24
Select one of the following Global Survey courses:3
Global Regions
Select one of the following Political Processes & Institutions courses:3
US Government and Politics
Comparative Government and Politics
US State and Local Government and Politics
International Relations
Politics and Public Policy
Select one of the following Development courses:3
The Developing World
International Economic Growth and Development
Select one of the following Economics Specialization courses:3
International Economics
International Economic Growth and Development
Select three of the following elective courses:9
International Economics 1
The Economics of Multinational Corporations 1
International Economic Growth and Development
Modern Economic Systems
Economics of the European Union 1
Urban and Regional Economics
Health Economics
Environmental Economics 1
Global Media Industries
Money, Power, Communication
Sustainable, Responsible, and Impact (SRI) Investing 1
Seminar in Micro-Lending 1
International Finance 1
International Project Finance 1
Cross-Cultural Understanding
Social Policy
Urban Politics and Policy
Special Topics: Global Studies 2
Current Political Issues 2
The Developing World
Politics in the Middle East
Contemporary Europe
European Politics and Societies
Case Study: Transforming Economies of Europe: Short-Term Program to Europe
Experimental Course in Global Studies 2
Power, Politics & Policy in International Development 2
Democracy or Authoritarianism? Political Regimes in Global Perspective
International Organizations
Human Rights & Global Governance
Global Transportation and Tourism
Contemporary Issues in Global Politics 2
Adv Experimental Course in GLS 2
Adv Experimental Course in GLS 2
Seminar in Global Studies 2
Seminar in Government 2
Drugs Trades in World History
History of the World Economy
Economic History of the United States
Work and the American Worker
20th Century U.S. Economic History
Managing in the Global Business Environment 1
Organizations, Society and Responsible Management 1
Health of Nations: Anatomy and Function of Health Systems in the United States and Around the World
Global Health Challenges
Global Climate Change
Science of Sustainability
Science of Environmental Policy
Business Ethics: Philosophy of Work
Business Ethics: International Business Ethics
Perspectives on Poverty
Human Trafficking and Global Slavery
Sociology of Markets
Select one Capstone course:3
Seminar in Global Studies 2
Seminar in Government 2