2021-2022 Catalogue

Health and Industry

This concentration allows students to explore the broad implications of health and its multifaceted applications to individuals, industry and society. This program exposes students to both scientific and humanistic aspects of human biology, psychology, health and disease that have applications in personal development, health and wellness. Students also have the opportunity to develop interdisciplinary skills that can advance careers in health care, such as leading biopharmaceutical development, marketing health-care products or services, administering health plans or benefits, managing health care providers and institutions, financing companies in the health care or biopharmaceutical sectors, and contributing to the increasing complex issues of public health and the economic implications of an aging population.  

The LSM consists of eight courses and a culminating project (LSM 450). Students can apply no more than two business courses and no more than two non-Bentley courses to the major. Up to two AP or IB courses can be applied to the major. Not all LSM concentrations can be paired with all business majors. See the major/minor exclusions list for more information.


Course Title Credits
Select eight courses from the Health and Industry course list25
LSM 450LSM - Culminating Experience0

Health and Industry Course List 

Course Title Credits
Select eight of the following courses (one must be a 4-credit NASC laboratory-based course):25
Human Biology 1
Evolution, Human Genetics and Behavior 1
Elements of Living Systems
Chemistry of Sustainable Products 1
The Science and Business of Biotechnology 2
Human Nutrition: From Science to Life
Human Health and Disease in Today's World
Biology of Mind
Global Health Challenges
Human Inheritance
Industrial Ecology
Expository Writing II: Advanced Inquiry in Writing 3
Drugs Trades in World History
American Literature: Realism and Naturalism
Probability Models for Business Decision-Making
Mathematical Modeling in Environmental Management
Game Theory
Actuarial Topics in Probability and Risk Management
Business Ethics: Philosophy of Work
Healthcare Ethics
Disability, Values & Society
Pioneers in Psychology
Sports Psychology
Child Psychology
Dynamics of Personality
Positive Psychology
Cross-Cultural Psychology
Environmental Psychology
Social Psychology
Gender Psychology
Health Psychology
Human Relations in Health Care
Nonverbal Behavior and Judging Others
Psychology of Self
Abnormal Psychology
Drugs and Society
Sociology of the Edge
Deviance and Social Control
Health, Illness and Everyday Life
Sociology of Sports
Courses from Business Departments (LSMs may use no more than two Business Department courses):
Health Economics
Fundamentals of Content Development
Human Resources Management
Selected Topics in Management 3
Talent Management
Developing Workforce Capabilities
Consumer Behavior
Marketing Research
Marketing of Services