2021-2022 Catalogue

Earth, Environment, and Global Sustainability

Our Earth’s environmental issues and the sustainability of its resources will provide humanity with one of its biggest challenges for the foreseeable future. Scientific and technological solutions to environmental problems will be dependent on economic, political and social constructs that will require global cooperation. This concentration provides students with a background in Earth or environmental systems together with global perspectives on the challenges of sustainable development. 

The LSM consists of eight courses and a culminating project (LSM 450). Students can apply no more than two business courses and no more than two non-Bentley courses to the major. Up to two AP or IB courses can be applied to the major. Not all LSM concentrations can be paired with all business majors. See the major/minor exclusions list for more information.


Course Title Credits
Select three or four courses in Natural and Applied Sciences (one must be a 4-credit NASC course)10 to 13
Select four or five courses from the electives list12 to 15
LSM 450LSM - Culminating Experience0

Natural and Applied Sciences Course List 

Course Title Credits
Select three or four courses in Natural and Applied Sciences (one must be a 4-credit NASC course):10 to 13
Astronomy: Solar System
Green Biology: Ecological and Botanical Connections
Chemistry of Sustainable Products
Environmental Chemistry
Principles of Geology
Energy and The Environment
Environmental Science and Sustainability
U.S. Space Program: Going Beyond
Ecology: Principles and Applications
Coastal Biology of Cape Cod
Human Health and Disease in Today's World
Economic Botany
Global Health Challenges
Bugs in the System
Water Quality
Coastal Geology of Cape Cod
Water and the Environment
Global Climate Change
Weather and Climate
Energy Alternatives
Industrial Ecology
Science of Sustainability
Science of Environmental Policy

Electives Course List 

Course Title Credits
Select four or five from the following list:12 to 15
Expository Writing II: Advanced Inquiry in Writing 1
Politics and Public Policy
Global Regions
International Relations
The Developing World
Global Transportation and Tourism
Politics of Risk
The Caribbean: Past, Present, Future
History of the World Economy
Economic History of the United States
20th Century U.S. Economic History
American Environmental History
American Literature: Realism and Naturalism
Mathematical Modeling in Environmental Management
Continuous Probability for Risk Management
Business Ethics: Corporate Social Responsibility
Business Ethics: International Business Ethics
Environmental Ethics
Perspectives on Poverty
Environmental Psychology
Courses from Business Departments (LSMs may use no more than two Business Department courses):
International Economics
International Economic Growth and Development
Urban and Regional Economics
Environmental Economics
Environmental Law
International Business Law