2021-2022 Catalogue

American Studies

A concentration in American Studies offers students the opportunity to explore the cultural, historical and political life of the United States and its place in the world through a multidisciplinary program of study. American Studies complements a major in business by providing the context needed to make informed decisions and exercise effective leadership in a complex global environment. In addition to the intellectual breadth that it adds to a business education, a concentration in American Studies prepares students for a variety of careers (e.g., law, public relations, government and public policy, nonprofit administration, journalism, teaching, school administration, etc.) and provides a solid foundation for graduate study in business, law, political science, public policy, history and many other fields in the arts and sciences.

The LSM consists of eight courses and a culminating project (LSM 450). Students can apply no more than two business courses and no more than two non-Bentley courses to the major. Up to two AP or IB courses can be applied to the major. Not all LSM concentrations can be paired with all business majors. See the major/minor exclusions list for more information.


Course Title Credits
Select eight courses from the American Studies course list24
LSM 450LSM - Culminating Experience0

American Studies Course List

Course Title Credits
Select eight from the American Studies list:24
Selected Topics in Cinema Studies 1
Hollywood Genres: Classical Forms and Contemporary Re-Inventions
Wonder Women
Money, Power, Communication
Expository Writing II: Advanced Inquiry in Writing 1
Expository Writing II: Advanced Inquiry in Writing 1
US Government and Politics
US State and Local Government and Politics
Social Policy
US Foreign Policy
Politics and Public Policy
Campaigns and Elections
Current Political Issues 1
Media and Politics
Terrorism & National Security
Politics of Risk
Seminar in Government 1
Drugs Trades in World History
Colonial America (1400-1750)
The Revolutionary Generation in the United States (1750-1815)
Modern United States History (1920-present)
Economic History of the United States
History of Modern U.S. Foreign Policy, 1945-Present
Serfs, Slaves and Sojourners: The Minority Experience in the United States
The American Religious Experience
20th Century U.S. Economic History
The New Nation
American Environmental History
The United States: From Nation to Empire (1865-1920)
America and Its Arts
U.S. Women's History
Immigration in U.S. History
History of American Sports
Baseball as American History
History of Boston
The Civil War
World War I
World War II
The Vietnam War
Selected Topics in American History 1
Sex, Gender, and Power
Sex and American Culture
Introduction to African American Literary and Cultural Studies
American Traditions
Native American Literature and Culture
Literature and Film of the Vietnam War
The Roots of American Activism
American Literature: Realism and Naturalism
Modern American Literature
Immigrant and Ethnic Literature
American Icons
Sexual Identity and Culture
Passing in American Literature
Transgender Literature
Sitcom Nation: The American Family in Fiction and Film
Selected Topics in Literary Themes 1
Selected Topics in World Literature 1
Selected Topics in African American Literary and Cultural Studies
Selected Topics in American Literature
Selected Topics in Cultural Studies
The Television Industry
Selected Topics in Media Studies
Latinos in the U.S.A.
U.S. Space Program: Going Beyond
Health of Nations: Anatomy and Function of Health Systems in the United States and Around the World
Business Ethics: Philosophy of Work
Perspectives on Poverty
Race and Racism in the United States
Sociology of Sports
Media, Culture and Society
Popular Culture in Consumer Societies
Sociology of Native American Peoples
Immigrant Entrepreneurship
Business Departments: (LSMs may use no more than two business department courses):
International Economic Growth and Development
Urban and Regional Economics
Health Economics
Contemporary Economic Issues
Law and Society
Gender and the Law
Race and the Law
Outsiders and the Law
English Origins of the Law