Minor in Natural and Applied Sciences

The Minor in Natural and Applied Sciences comprises four courses related to the sciences. This minor is intended to encourage students to explore the sciences beyond the required NASC. Given the broad spectrum of the science courses available at Bentley, students must work with a department advisor to develop a curriculum that is balanced in breadth and depth.

Required Courses
Any four PS/NASE/NASC courses, of which at least two must be NASE/C courses. Any NASC 4-credit lab course in addition to the one used to fulfill the NASC general education requirement may be taken as an Arts and Sciences elective toward the minor.12

Policies Related to Minors

  • Some major/minor combinations are prohibited. See the major/minor exclusions list for more information.
  • Courses taken to fulfill a minor can be applied as business-related electives, arts and sciences electives, unrestricted electives, the humanities/social science elective or the mathematics/natural sciences elective.
  • The electives guide defines all classes as either arts and sciences or business. Students are strongly encouraged to maintain an awareness of where courses taken for a minor apply to their degree requirements.
  • Courses fulfilling General Education requirements (except the humanities/social science elective and the math/natural science elective) may not be applied to a minor.
  • Courses used to fulfill the modern language requirement for BA students cannot be applied to a minor.
  • Courses fulfilling Business Core requirements may not be applied to a minor (except for the Business Studies Minor).  
  • A course taken under the Pass/Fail/D policy may be applied to the minor.
  • Major courses (including courses applied to the Liberal Studies Major or Business Studies Major) may not be applied to a minor.
  • Students may apply only one course (from sources such as transfer, IB or AP) not taken at Bentley or as part of a Bentley-approved study abroad program to the minor.
  • Students may only complete a maximum of two minors.
  • Students must achieve a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in the minor.