Managerial Economics Major

Economics provides students with an understanding of both the economic principles that underlie business decisions and the environment in which all businesses operate. Managerial Economics at Bentley is a unique, blended degree that delivers a strong economics foundation with the flexibility to explore another business discipline.

Building on the foundation provided by the General Education and Business Core curriculum, the Managerial Economics major consists of core economics courses and a business concentration. The core and elective economics courses provide students with a deep understanding of how markets operate at the micro and macro levels, and introduce different areas of study within economics. Students complement their study of economics by either taking additional economics courses through the Economic Analysis Concentration or by taking additional courses in one of 10 other business concentrations (see below). Culminating the experience of the Managerial Economics major is the capstone course, EC 381 Research in Managerial Economics, where students research and test an economic theory around their business concentration.

The major is designed to prepare well-rounded students with in-depth knowledge and practical skills for a variety of careers, including: consulting, banking, market research, data analysis, credit analysis and sales.

In addition to the specific major requirements described below, students must also complete the General Education Curriculum, and additional degree requirements for business majors, including the General Business Core, focused-course requirements, and additional electives.

Required Courses
EC 224Intermediate Price Theory3
EC 225Intermediate Macroeconomics3
EC 381Research in Managerial Economics3
Select two EC Electives (may be fulfilled by an EC course not otherwise required)6
In addition, Managerial Economics majors must take at least three courses within their concentration: 9

Accounting Concentration

AC 311Financial Accounting and Reporting I3
AC 310Cost Management3
AC Elective3

Economic Analysis Concentration

EC 245Business Forecasting3
or EC 361 Introduction to Econometrics
Select two EC elctives6

Entrepreneurship Concentration

MG 335Entrepreneurial Thinking3
MG 336New Venture Planning and Financing3
MG 360Negotiating3

Human Resources Concentration

MG 250Human Resources Management3
MG 350Human Resource Staffing3
MG 360Negotiating3

Information Design and Corporate Communication Concentration

COM 210Effective Speaking3
IDCC 320Managerial Communication3
IDCC Elective3

Information Technology Concentration

CS 150Introduction to Data and Information Management3
Select any two courses from Computer Information Systems (CS) or Information and Process Managmeent (IPM)6

International Business Concentration

EC 311International Economics3
MG 331Management of International Operations3
Select one of the following:3
International Finance
International Business Law
International Marketing

Law Concentration

Select three of the following:9
International Business Law
Court and Alternatives
White Collar Crime
LA Elective

Management Concentration

MG 240Interpersonal Relations in Management3
MG 345Organization and Environment3
MG Elective3

Marketing Concentration

MK 400Marketing Management3
Select two MK electives6

Quantitative Analysis Concentration

MA 233Calculus III3
MA 239Linear Algebra3
MA Elective3