2022-2023 Catalogue

Public Policy Major

The realm of public policy encompasses virtually all aspects of contemporary society—economic development, financial markets, health care, education, poverty, crime, the environment, technology, national security and immigration. These complex and often connected issues increasingly demand a rich and sophisticated understanding of the actions of governmental institutions and the motivations of political actors and other stakeholders in a global political environment. The nature of public policy is such that its development almost always involves non-governmental institutions and actors. Businesses, nonprofit and non-governmental organizations, interest groups, academic and legal experts and the public at large all play a role in shaping public policy priorities, the public discourse about those priorities, implementation of public policies and the evaluation of policy outcomes.

A major in Public Policy prepares students for work in all types of organizations and sectors of the job market: federal, state and local governments, nonprofit organizations and private-sector corporations.

In addition to the specific major requirements described below, students must also complete all designated requirements in Foundations for Success, Contexts & Perspectives in the Arts & Sciences, Business Dynamics, Communication Intensive coursework, and the additional degree requirements for arts & science majors (including the Modern Language requirement).  Details can be found in the Degree Requirements section of the catalogue, including the Overview and the Arts & Sciences Majors tabs.

Course Title Credits
Required Courses24
Students must complete eight courses to fulfill the Public Policy major. Three of these are required:
GLS 230Politics and Public Policy3
GLS 405Seminar in Government3
GLS 422Internship in Government3
Students must take three GLS electives not otherwise required, two of which, two of which must be from GLS 200-499.9
Choose two additional electives from the following courses:6
GLS 200-499
Intermediate Macroeconomics
Introduction to Econometrics
International Economic Growth and Development
Economics of the European Union
Urban and Regional Economics
Environmental Economics
Behavioral and Experimental Economics
Economics of Regulation and Antitrust
Monetary Economics
Law and Society
Environmental Law
Gender and the Law
Race and the Law
Outsiders and the Law
Moot Court
Game Theory
Global Health Challenges
Science of Environmental Policy
Drugs and Society
Race and Racism in the United States
Social Problems
Deviance and Social Control
Sociology of Native American Peoples