Hispanic Studies Major

The Hispanic Studies major, offered through the Department of Modern Languages, responds to our students’ increasingly impressive competency in Spanish and a strong interest in combining Spanish and business skills. Through a unique curriculum that integrates language, culture, history and contemporary affairs of three principal regions of the Spanish-speaking world (i.e., Spain, South America and the Caribbean) with general business skills, the major equips students with special skills that expand their employment opportunities in the global workplace, including banking, tourism, journalism, IT, health care, government and law. In this regard, our program is significantly different than other programs that place heavier emphasis on Spanish language and literature.

Course Title Credits
Required course:
MLSP 203Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition3
Two MLSP courses at the 300 level6
One MLSP course at the 400 level3
MLSP 401Directed Study in Spanish3
One course in MLSP at the 200, 300 or 400 level excluding MLSP 2013
Choose two courses from the following list as Hispanic Studies related electives6
Latin America (1800-present)
The Caribbean: Past, Present, Future
Selected Topics in Latin American/Caribbean History
Caribbean Literature
200 level courses may count towards the major, but 100 level courses may not.

In addition to the specific major requirements described below, students must also complete the General Education Curriculum, and additional degree requirements for Arts and Sciences majors, including focused-course requirements, additional electives, and a Minor in Business Studies or Business Studies Major.


200-level courses emphasize language skills: grammar, vocabulary, reading and oral comprehension and are complemented with short written compositions and an introduction to Hispanic cultures.

300-level courses place equal emphasis on a deeper study of Hispanic culture and the Spanish language. Students refine their skills in written and spoken Spanish while making more in-depth analysis of the history, politics, cultural traditions and artistic trends of Spain, Latin America and the Caribbean.

400-level courses emphasize the particular thematic content of the course (cinema, literature, civilization, etc.). The main focus in these courses is not the study of language per se, but the study of some form of Hispanic culture.