2019-2020 Catalogue

General Business (GB)

GB 110 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business     (3 credits)

Provides an overview of the legal and ethical issues that confront business managers and executives in both starting a business and operating an existing business. Provides an analytical framework to identify legal and ethical issues. Discusses the relationship between business professionals and legal counsel. Discusses topics in contracts, sales, torts, crimes, securities law and Sarbanes-Oxley, business organizations, employment and discrimination and e-commerce. Interweaves international and ethical issues into the topics covered. Includes team assignments where appropriate.

GB 112 Tools and Concepts in Accounting and Finance     (3 credits)

The primary objective of this course is to provide a foundational understanding of accounting and finance concepts and tools. This course takes students from double-entry accounting through to an elementary understanding of how to construct financial statements. It introduces the use of these statements as the basis for ratio analysis and budgeting. Students begin their study of the basic time value of money concepts that are the foundation for basic valuation techniques for both financial securities and projects valuation.

GB 212 Practice and Applications in Accounting and Finance     (3 credits)

Pre-Req: GB 112.

The primary objective of this course is to extend the foundational understanding of accounting and finance concepts and tools introduced in GB 112. This course takes students from an elementary understanding of the prepared financial statements and introduces how to use them in financial decision-making. It covers the analysis of these statements using ratio analysis and the budgeting process, using these statements as a starting point for future forecasts. Students will study the funding decisions facing the firm. They will extend their understanding of basic valuation techniques by learning more advanced techniques for valuing both the securities used to raise these funds and the projects to be funded.

GB 213 Business Statistics     (3 credits)

<p>PRE or COREQ: MA II PREQ: IT 101 &amp; GB 112 &amp; (CC3 or WP).</p>

Modern businesses rely on well-educated professionals who can effectively use data to enhance and support decision-making processes. The primary objective of this course is to use data to illustrate key concepts for making decisions throughout each of the primary business disciplines; accounting, economics, finance, information systems, management and marketing. Focuses on learning skill sets necessary to access and manipulate large amounts of data and the techniques that enhance the individuals' decision-making process. Introduces some elementary Microsoft Access methods for transferring a sample of data from a database into Microsoft Excel. Illustrates how to make effective decisions using simple and multiple regression models. Provides balanced presentations illustrating the manual use of statistical techniques for understanding purposes and how to implement those techniques using the computer.

GB 214 Marketing-Operations Fundamentals     (3 credits)

<p>Pre-Req: (CC3 or WP).</p>

Strategic competitive advantage is derived from the value a company creates for its customers through five primary value-adding activities: designing products and services, logistics, operations, marketing and sales strategies, and bringing products and services to the market to meet customer needs and requirements. Most of these activities fall within the boundaries of operations and marketing, the two primary value adding functions within organizations. This course, therefore, covers topics that span the marketing and operational disciplines, and focuses on the fundamental concepts and processes of marketing and operations management and how effective coordination and the interface between these two primary functional areas create value for the customer, the company, and society at large.

GB 215 Human Behavior and Organizations     (3 credits)

Pre-Req: (CC3 or WP).

Human Behavior and Organizations examines the behavior of people in organizations and the relationship between this behavior and organizational effectiveness. Particular attention is given to the issues and dynamics that result from the increasing diversity of the workforce and the global contexts in which people work. The course introduces students to analytical frameworks for understanding and influencing individual, group, intergroup and total organization dynamics. It increases students' awareness of and competence in dealing with people different from themselves. Through case studies, self-reflection instruments, experiential exercises, lectures and readings, students develop knowledge and skills for working effectively with a diverse set of people in complex environments, diagnosing managerial problems and developing effective plans for action, taking into account the impact of external stakeholders on internal organizational dynamics.

GB 310 Business Processes and Systems     (3 credits)

Pre-Req: GB 212, GB 213 & GB 214 & (CC5 or WP).

This course introduces students to the concept of a business as an integrated set of business processes and associated systems designed to deliver value to customers. Hands-on experience with SAP, a market leading enterprise system, will demonstrate how information systems can be used to support and improve business processes. Hands-on experience with a process modeling application will demonstrate how information technology can be used to model, analyze and simulate typical business processes. Learning about emerging technologies and basic infrastructure concepts will enable students to envision creative IT solutions to business problems. Throughout the course, students will be learning how people, processes and systems can be integrated most effectively to achieve organizational objectives.

GB 320 Integrated Business Project     (3 credits)

Pre-Req: GB 212 & GB 213 & GB 214 & GB 215 & (CC5 or WP).

In this course, students work on a project team to solve real-world problems for real organizations. The project enables students to develop a better understanding of how the traditional business functions are integrated in the workplace. Students review key principles in accounting, business processes, finance, management, marketing and operations within the context of project management. They will analyze the problem facing the client company, develop and evaluate a set of alternative solutions, and present a program of recommendations to the sponsoring organization at the end of the semester. The project enables teams to analyze real firms' potential to introduce new goods and/or services, introduce existing goods and/or services to new markets, and/or develop other growth opportunities, as well as to present a business proposal.

GB 410 Global Strategy     (3 credits)

Pre-Req: (All 100 and 200 level GB courses & GB 310) and GB 320 CPR & (CC7 or WP).

Global strategy focuses on the role of the general manager or top management team in formulating and implementing short- and long-term business and corporate-level strategies. In business, strategy is formulated in a multifaceted, international environment of social, political, economic and legal entities. Students will be analyzing the internal and external environments of the organization, formulating recommendations with respect to actions firms can take to enhance firm-level performance and sustainable competitive advantage, and suggesting ways in which those actions can be implemented which recognizing the critical short- and long-term implications of their recommendations for the total enterprise.