Honors Program

The Undergraduate Honors Program is a four-year program designed to provide greater challenge and satisfaction to the most academically advanced and intellectually curious students. Approximately the top 10 percent of students in each entering class are invited to participate. Honors courses are limited in size and follow a highly interactive seminar format, with an emphasis on students’ own contributions in written and oral form. Students in the program have a variety of specialized resources to facilitate academic excellence, and those who successfully complete the program will graduate with university honors, and their achievement will be noted on their transcripts and at commencement. As part of their upper-level honors work, students complete a capstone honors project under the guidance of a faculty advisor in an area of their choosing. Co-curricular activities, designed to foster community and to enrich the student’s cultural and intellectual experiences, may include on- and off-campus social activities and trips to theaters, museums, and innovative businesses for which Boston is internationally famous.

Program requirements

Students in the Honors Program must maintain a minimum overall GPA of 3.30, and adhere to defined academic integrity requirements. Honors Program students are required to take at least nine courses (27 credits) within the Honors Program. Typically, these are composed of six general education or elective courses, two courses within the major, and the senior Honors capstone research project. However, the exact composition of the course requirements can vary somewhat depending on the specific major chosen. 

Honors Capstone Research project

All Honors Program seniors complete a three-credit capstone research project in which they work one-on-one with a faculty advisor, on a topic of the student's choosing and interests. Students present the results of their findings at the Honors Conference on campus at the end of the spring semester.