Master of Science in Audit Analytics

The Master of Audit Analytics degree combines courses from Accountancy, Computer Information Systems, Finance, Information and Process Management, and Mathematical Sciences to prepare students for data-rich, technology-intensive careers in public accounting or corporate settings. The STEM-designated degree, the first of its kind in New England, consists of ten courses and can be completed in one year by students with appropriate accounting preparation.

Course Title Credits
Pre-Program Foundation Courses (18 credits)
Students with the appropriate background may be waived from the following courses:
GR 521Managerial Statistics3
AC 611Financial Accounting Problems I3
AC 612Financial Accounting Problems II3
AC 730Business Processes and Systems Assessment3
AC 741Financial Statement Auditing3
IDCC 620Managerial Communication3
IDCC 711Argumentation Strategies for Business3
Analytics Core
CS 605Data Management and SQL for Analytics3
IPM 652Managing with Analytics3
ST 625Quantitative Analysis for Business3
Audit Analytics Core
AC 731Advanced Accounting Information Systems: Modeling Effective Accounting Systems3
AC 742Information Technology Auditing3
FI 631Financial Modeling3
MA 705Data Science3
ST 635Intermediate Statistical Modeling for Business3
AC 701Internship in Accounting Practice3
AC 772Principles of Fraud Investigation3
AC 773Fraud and Forensic Accounting3
AC 793Professional Accounting Research and Policy3
CS 603Object-Oriented Application Development3
CS 650Data Management Architectures3
CS 753Business Intelligence Methods and Technologies3
IPM 723Information Security, Controls and Ethics3
IPM 740Enterprise Systems Planning and Configuration3
MA 755Introduction to Machine Learning3