2019-2020 Catalogue

Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificates

Certificates are four or five-course programs which provide an opportunity to earn a diploma in the following areas: Accountancy, Business Analytics, Business Ethics, Fraud and Forensic Accountancy, Marketing Analytics, and Taxation. 

Students can apply to the Graduate School to pursue a Certificate program. Students currently pursuing a Master of Science or Master of Business Administration degree can apply to pursue a concurrent Certificate as an adjunct to their program, provided the certificate is not in the same discipline as their MS degree or MBA concentration.  Students considering adding a certificate should seek academic advising from Graduate Student Academic Services to explore this option and to determine how a certificate can be included in their studies.

Advanced Graduate Certificates

Individuals who hold an advanced degree from Bentley University or from another College or University can apply to pursue a four-course Advanced Graduate Certificate.  Courses taken towards an Advanced Graduate Certificate may not be shared between a Master of Science or MBA program.  Advanced Graduate Certificates are offered in General Business, and Taxation.