Cultural Transition Program (CTP)

CTP 500 Cultural Transition Program     (0 credits)

Summer CTP is mandatory for those who receive confirmation from Graduate Admissions. For all other international graduate students, it is recommended. (1) Oral Communications for Business (OC) benefits students by assisting them with skills related to classroom participation and helps them to be more effective in thinking and speaking about the text, case materials, and the ideas of others in class, as well as helping students develop skills in giving oral presentations. (2) Business Writing (BW) benefits students by providing writing critiques, developing their abilities to apply theory/principles and how to use evidence (including how to incorporate data into evidence), and increasing their understanding of the importance of academic integrity, how to recognize and avoid plagiarism, and how to write a persuasive paper. Class instruction is highly interactive with frequent opportunity for student input. (3) Professional Workshops (PW) benefit students by providing insights into U.S. culture and preparing students for their MBA or MS programs through Professional Skills Development, Working on Intercultural Teams, and Managing Cross Cultural Conflict. Classes meet from 9:30 - 2:30 for 13 days just before classes start in the fall. Each course is 80 minutes long, per day. The cost of ELACI courses during the Summer Intensive (Cultural Transition Program/CTP) is $2,600 for three courses. Students who need housing will pay approximately $5,000 for both tuition and housing.