2022-2023 Catalogue

Emeriti Faculty

Emeritus or emerita is an honorary title for professors who want to stay active in scholarship following retirement. 

Abdolmohammadi, Mohammad, Accounting

Adams, Sue, Management

Aghassi, Badri, Natural and Applied Sciences

Anderson, Dennis,  Information & Process. Management

Anderson, Tim, Sociology

Arenella, Lynn, Natural and Applied Sciences

Bedard, Jean, Accounting

Brown, Clifford, Accounting

Buchholz, Bill, Information Design & Corporate Communication

Buono, Tony, Management

Burnaby, Pricilla, Accounting

Butler, Pierce, English and Media Studies

Byrnes, Joseph, Management

Carhart, David, Mathematical Science

Carpenter, Pam, English and Media Studies

Chand, Donald, Information & Process. Management

Chin, Louis, Management

Clarke, William, Economics

Cornett, Marcia,  Finance

Crary, Laura (Marcy), Management

Cross, Richard, Accounting

Culnan, Mary, Information & Process. Management

Davis, Mark, Management

Davis, P. (Thom), Natural and Applied Sciences

Dolinsky, Larry, Management

Durkin, Marylin, Mathematical Science

Earle, Beverly, Law, Taxation & Financial Planning

Ellenbogen, George,  English and Media Studies

Englander, Irv, Computer Information Systems

Eshgi, Abdi, Marketing

Eyster-Smith, Nancy, Natural and Applied Science

Feldmann, Dorothy, Accounting

Ferrera, Gerald, Law, Taxation & Financial Planning

Fessenden, Franklin, Natural and Applied Sciences

Fletcher Brown, Donna, Finance

Foxman, Ellen, Marketing

Frederick, Robert, Philosophy

Galliers, Robert, Information & Process. Management

Garrett, Richard, Philosophy

Gelinas, Joe, Accounting

Gogan, Janis, Information & Process. Management

Goldman, Maureen, English and Media Studies

Gorgone, John, Computer Information Systems

Grubaugh, Stephen, Economics

Hachey, George, Finance

Hadlock, Charlie, Mathematical Science

Hall, Gregory, Natural and Applied Sciences

Harnden, Nancy, Mathematical Science

Haselkorn, Michael, Accounting

Hegarty, John, Mathematical Science

Herzberg, Bruce, English and Media Studies

Hoffman, Alan, Management

Iandoli, Louis, Modern Language

Josephy, Norm, Mathematical Science

Kellogg, Diane, Management

Kimball, William Clayton, History

Klein, Judith, English and Media Studies

Kuntz, Dale, Economics

Lafarge, Vicki, Management

Leeth, John, Economics

Levy, Elliot, Accounting

Lichenstein, Steve, Law, Taxation & Financial Planning

Linderman, James, Information & Process. Management

Lucas, Wendy, Computer Information Systems

Magid, Carolyn, Philosophy

Malgwi, Charles, Accounting

McJannet, Linda, English and Media Studies

McNemar, Donald, Global Studies

Milton, David, Finance

Moore, Simon, Information Design & Corporate Communication

Newpol, Joseph, Law, Taxation & Financial Planning

Nitecki, Alicia, English and Media Studies

Nixon, Mark, Accounting

Ortmeyer, David, Economics

Osterheld, Karen, Accounting

Reed, Arthur, Accounting

Reeves, Francis, Philosophy

Robbert, Mary Ann, Information & Process. Management

Robertson, Douglas, Computer Information Systems

Rosenthal, Leonard, Finance

Salimbene, Franklyn, Law, Taxation & Financial Planning

Salsbury, James, Management

Saraswat, Satya Prakash, Management

Schlorff, Lee, Accounting

Schwarzkopf, David, Accounting

Seeger, John, Management

Shakir, Evelyn, English and Media Studies

Shepherd, John, Economics

Shuman, Jeffrey, Management

Sorensen, Erl, Mathematical Science

Spelman, Duncan, Management

Sprich, Robert, English and Media Studies

Stern, Marc, History

Sumner, Scott, Economics

Tchaicha, Jane, Modern Language

Thomas, Janet, Economics

Tolpin, Martha, History

Uhlmann, Phil,  Finance

Verma, Dharmendra, Marketing

Waguespack, Leslie, Computer Information Systems

Williams, Christine, Global Studies

Wolpe, Frank, Law, Taxation & Financial Planning

Woolford, Sam, Mathematical Science

Zampieron, Alexander, Economics

Zheng, Shiping, Global Studies

Zlotkowski, Edward, English and Media Studies